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    come on, now, don't be shy, this thread is just for the two of you..... you are the biggest (and last) of the "in rafa we trust" brigade..... here's a thread for you to post why AGAIN this result is not rafa's fault..... this ought to be REALLY good....

    .....and when pie-man is finally DUMPED OUT OF LIVERPOOL ON HIS AR$E, we would love for you two and the other muppets that have gone into hiding since (manohoo, lokihermes, elnino, etc, etc..... jose hasn't forgotten how you lot slagged him off as a manc fan, a chelski fan two seasons ago for daring to even question rafa) to return two years of the other supporters' lives; the ones who astutely recognized pie-eater for what he was...... well, since you can't, how about an apology.... no, you know what, forget that..... how about you just ADMIT YOU WERE F@CKING WRONG and that rafa is NOT premiership quality...... obrigado!!!!

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    • Actually Jose u would need lots more.. closer to £50-60m excluding the cost of signing a new manager. As a top class manager would expect around £50m+ as a transfer kitty.

      So do you have that kind of money lying around? Yes I would like a top class manager here too to lift us up to the next level..

      Seems our owners haven't the money to pay Rafa off they'd also need money for the new manager to buy players with. No doubt any such manager would sell the majority of Rafa's mediocre players. That would give us a few million but would it be enough to get in top talent from around the world?

    • Jose he's an idea... if you want rid of him so much pay H&G £20m+ to get rid of Rafa and his backroom staff as they'll have to be paid too :)...

    • looks like steer has himself an admirer...a 42 year old female faker!

    • Empty vessells make the most noise?

    • To be honest Jose I don't know what I think of that. But if your looking for an allay, I'm not sure your asking the right person. Take a look at the board. Got my name all over it at the moment, and plenty piling on. Of course we all know its just a couple real people, but they are awfully loud.

    • fair play dave, you may not have personally insulted jose..... however, you know very well there were several here that branded jose a manc fan and chelsea fan........ and in fact, some went on and reported posts until jose's id was deleted..... what's your take on that? it was acceptable then for the majority at that point in time to beat up on the minority (that eventually turned out to be right anyway)?

      as for the rafa debate... it's simple he is not the club and jose hates fatty with a passion..... and you don't.... so we're pretty set with our opinions..... why don't u just address the previous question... obrigado friend!

    • Jose, do you really expect a reply? Come off it mate, you know I'll bite and some of your posts when they are about football, but if you want to just single out posters for the sake of something other than a real football discussion, maybe you need to take that back to the Chelsea board.

    • .... oh and how could jose forget...... add abupresident to make it the holy trinity..... yes, kindly crawl out from under our rocks and raise your hand and admit you were DEAD WRONG and that rafa is a pr1ck under whom the club has gone BACKWARD!!! he inherited a squad that won the champions league and turned it into one that can't beat sunderland or lyon..... obrigado muppets!!!

    • not even champions league quatity now