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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Oct 21, 2009 11:37 Flag

    Thanks Rafa but you got to go!

    This can not go on much longer, the club really is becoming a joke and much of it is down to rafa (put the 2 yanks to one side for now); He has clearly lost the players and the ability to motivate them pre-match, mid-match and post-match; The mess he has made of the team as a whole, his bizarre signings (and sells), his mad subs, his complete lack of tactical knowledge, and his insane comments mark him out as a man who has had his chance;

    Taking just tonights match as an example, it is obvious gerrard was not fit and should not have played lasting just 20 mins, if that! Then he brings on a bloody left back to replace him (was babel just a bit annoyed or what?) Why was jamie C playing on the right wing in the final 10 mins? We lose torres and replace him with a lad who cost next to nothing and who is clearly not ready for top flight football;

    The simple fact is we are an average side, even with gerrard and torres in the team; our best hope this season is a uefa cup spot come May;

    Should say thanks to rafa for the european cup & fa cup wins but go for the sake of the club;

    As for who replaces him, I have no good answer but whoever it will be they will have a massive task on their hands sorting the team out and getting teams to pay decent money for a number of average players;

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    • BOB B...I will, as a fellow Celt drink, to that suggestion ! In fact I already am doing !

    • Colin,

      I have said my piece on the Rafa debate. Suggest we put the hostilities on ice for the day and just enjoy yet another victory over the Mancs!!!

      Bob B

    • DANIEL B...My response to this is ...More fool the Arabs . All they have to do is check his record in the transfer market and if they have anything between their ears they wouldnt give him marbles to play with let alone unlimited funds !

    • BOB B...I will take u word for what the Welsh did to the English in some rugby game. I could give a toss about English rugby or any other kind of rugby....IM IRISH mate.
      What I do care about is our club and to that extent I would encourage u to check all I said on this thread about todays game which I just got through thoroughly enjoying ! I said quote....I have the feeling that we will beat The Scum at the weekend. Form is cyclical and we hit rock bottom v Lyon cant get any worse .However even a win v The Scum wouldnt make anything better on the BENITEZ ISSUE
      HE MUST GO !!!
      For me their are only TWO results each season that TRULY matter MANURE at home and Manure away. Our record in last three fixtures v this lot 9 points out of 9 , so Im off wearing my replica shirt floating around on a cloud for the rest of the day.

    • arnold, any chance you can stick to just the ONE ID?

    • the fact that you have tried, and failed, to teach a pig to sing says much about you. Back in 1987, I taught a pig to sing and he made a very good living from it. So do try harder with them pigs.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Oct 25, 2009 05:28 Flag


    • Colin,

      Your reply sums up my point exactly regarding why this Rafa argument is futile.

      You and your lot believe one thing, me and my lot believe another and both sides are pretty entrenched. We have all used stats to prove our points but these are largely ignored, leaving opinion and subjective arguments as the weapons of choice, all of which have been done to death over much time and many posts.

      Therefore all the internecine warfare amongst the LFC fans is doing is giving succor to the opposition fans and wind up merchants who want the worst for our team. I for one would prefer to deny them this, which is why I have tended to largely keep out of the Rafa debate of late. The catch 22 is you then get comments like the one from Arnold!

      The eternal optimist in me would quite like to see these boards return to a forum for debate about team selection for the next match, review of the last one and general discussion about the club’s development. However, I fear this is right up there with the snowballs chance in hell.

      As to the sheep comments, odd that a bunch of sheep worriers could still beat the cr@p out of the anglo-saxons in the Rugby earlier this year. That nasty piece of sh1t Nick Griffin must be weeping in to his watery English ale.

      Bob B.

    • just a thought, what if the yanks ARE in negotiatons with the arabs and the arab has said that he still sees rafa as the man to take us forward and does not want the yanks to sack rafa as he wants to give him a chance with endless funds first before he considers letting him go?

    • BOB B...THE HAVE FAITH IN RAFA BRIGADE are considered myopic by many on this board. We are heading for a catastrophe under the management of Benitez...u lot are like the band that :played-on: on the Titanic as it sank !
      Note...for me and Im sure many others on this board though desperately hoping for a turnaround in form Sunday against the Mancs a win will not mean :all is forgiven: on the Benitez issue...he MUST GO !!! As for the Yanks being UNABLE to pay him off due to their own ineptitude giving the guy another five years ...thats a crock of shite these guys have loadza dosh and can pay himoff in a heartbeat if they feel it doesnt serve their long or even medium term financial objective which is to sell up to the Arabs and ride off into the sunset with their ill gotten gains. ps whats all this stuff about PIGS thought u Welsh lads were famed for your predilection for a nice sheep ? lol

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