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  • chris n chris n Oct 22, 2009 21:26 Flag

    Thanks Rafa but you got to go!

    I listened to an interesting debate on Talksport yesterday regarding the issues currently being seen at anfield. It was actually a member of the band the Farm and he said that the Yanks were totally to blame, that although they talk about spending £20odd million on him and £17million on him, really we have only made down payments on lots of these players of 4 or 5 million and the rest accounts for much of our debt. Now I do not know if this is true or not but the yanks are quick to mention what they have spent when possibly the spending is less than a quarter of this and the rest is just adding to our debt. If this is the case then Rafa cannot be blamed for this.

    Also he mentioned that because we are only making small down payments rather than forking out full transfer fees it has meant that Rafa has had to look at 2nd or 3rd choice transfer targets, his examples were we were trying to buy Malouda and ended up with Babel, we were trying to buy Distan or Upson and ended up with Kiriakagos (sorry about the spelling) we were trying to buy Bridge and ended up with Aurelio. Again if this is true then cannot be Rafa to blame.

    Injuries while on international duty obviously effect us quite often again cannot be Rafa's fault.

    What is Rafa's fault is Bad decisions when picking teams and subs and systems, too much change and quite often not the right change. Also Zonal marking this is his choice to do this and although the argument is that we have had a great record defensively while using zonal marking, this may be true but it is not because of Zonal marking but in spite of it, if we used man marking we would concede less set play goals which account for the majority we concede so this I would blame rafa for.

    I trust Rafa more than the Yanks in the civil war going on at our great club but we are in the results business and unfortunately if someone has to lose it will be Rafa.