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  • colin colin Oct 24, 2009 22:39 Flag

    Thanks Rafa but you got to go!

    BOB B...THE HAVE FAITH IN RAFA BRIGADE are considered myopic by many on this board. We are heading for a catastrophe under the management of Benitez...u lot are like the band that :played-on: on the Titanic as it sank !
    Note...for me and Im sure many others on this board though desperately hoping for a turnaround in form Sunday against the Mancs a win will not mean :all is forgiven: on the Benitez issue...he MUST GO !!! As for the Yanks being UNABLE to pay him off due to their own ineptitude giving the guy another five years ...thats a crock of shite these guys have loadza dosh and can pay himoff in a heartbeat if they feel it doesnt serve their long or even medium term financial objective which is to sell up to the Arabs and ride off into the sunset with their ill gotten gains. ps whats all this stuff about PIGS thought u Welsh lads were famed for your predilection for a nice sheep ? lol