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  • Kuen Kuen Oct 25, 2009 08:00 Flag

    Thanks Rafa but you got to go!

    Rafa is going to stay, probably till the end of the season, is a reality because the yanks do not have the money to sack him.

    Unless we can do what we did last season again, but starting from now, otherwise we are out of the EPL title chase. For the top 4, I don't think we are that bad. If we can win all of the next three qualifiying matches, we are in the chase again, and we do have a good chance. So, except for the premeirship, don't talk down our spirit.

    Looking into our team. Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Carra, Aurelio, Yossi, Masch, Gerrard, Kuyt, Torres. Weighing them one by one, I am sure they can win us the trophies. I am really looking forward to putting Aquilani into these. When we check on the bench, we have Insua, Riera, Babel and Lucas. These four are 1-2 tiers below our regular 11.

    Seeing the regular 11, all were recruited by Rafa except for Carra and Gerrard. If these 11 can play all 50 games per season, we can win every trophy you can think of. Rafa has proven himself to be a master tactician in big matches, when the top 11 are fit. If we do not have them, he is hopeless. That is where Rafa's merits stop.

    Buying Aquaman to replace Alonso is the major downfall of Rafa last summer. He should have realised Alonso's departure was inevitable, and Aquaman will not be fit for 2-3 months. Rafa had no alternate plan. Or we should say his alternate plan has failed miserably. Rafa himself is the only one to blame.

    The Rafa suporter may blame Parry for the fiasco on Robbie Keane. So I don't count this transfer. When we look onto our bench again, Lucas, Babel, Riera, Insua are already the best. The rest are Dossena, Ngog, Degen, Kyrgiakois, Voronin, Spearing, Kelly and El Zhar. The last three are too young, the other five are hopeless. Do we have some experienced but oldish players can run for 1-2 games a month, or 10-20 minute at the end, such as Hyypia or Scholes/Giggs. Rafa had no replacement for Hyypia and has no intention to have an old head in midfield.

    In the recruitment of squad players, may I list some garbage Rafa got in the last five years: Numez, Josemi, Pelligrino, Kromkamp, Zenden, Pennant, Speedy. The last two might have their moments of glory but very very short. The rest were just a waste of money.

    I cannot write off some good players forced out of the squad, not to anyone's fault, of course, Alonso is the biggest name. The others are Momo, Garcia, Kewell and Smicer.

    It was such a long search for a star striker by Rafa. The money we lost on this was astronomical. Robbie Keane was not the only one we made substantial loss on, what about Morientes. Can someone tell me how much we lost on him in transfer money? Then Bellamy. He was known to be uncontrollable, but Rafa still got me saying he was changed. Then what? Bellamy pulled Riise down with him. For the other striker Crouch, did we make money on him? Kuyt was the other one failed as a 20 goals per season striker, but Rafa salvage some pride to put him as a good winger. Fowler may be counted as a success, but that was only be sentimental.

    In terms of young player development, I have written on this board a lot on this topic. For teenagers, it is too soon to say to appraise Rafa, but he has got to be more daring to give them chances. Just five minutes at the end of a game would be enough. For up and coming players, Insua may be good. Lucas is marginal. Babel needs a lot of mindset adjustment, but look like being another Speedy Gonzeles. Ngog is a dead wood.

    For all these, we have to give all our support to our manager. Rafa must stay at least until the end of the season.