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    Liverpool v Man U,,,,big derby day Predictions

    With just 4 days to go before this match, the good news for the red devils' fans is there's no fresh injury concerns ahead of Man U's eagerly-awaited Premier League showdown with Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday.

    The last meeting between the two fierce rivals was a DAMP SQUID event.

    Here's hoping that this season's match, one of the the most eagerly anticipated game between two sides isn't a one-sided affair. I hope the real Man U turn up in order to to make it a worthwhile event for the watching neutrals, we don't want to see another surrender /drubbing PLEEASEE!!

    On prediction, as we all know the form book means JACK-SHYTE on derby days, hence I will stick my neck out and say it's Liverpool 2-1 since they are the home side with a lot to lose this time around, yes 2-1 Liverpool (Final Scoreline).

    Others' Views /(Predictions)...........?

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    • I feel I must post an apology to our defence. My prediction earlier on this thread was for us to win 2 - 1. I did not realise that we would so totally control the game. I would therefore like to say sorry to our defence and midfield for ever doubting them :-)

      God but it's good to be alive.

      Bob B.

    • yeah they left the job to him and he got shot in the leg, haha, really clever dogs, like i said you can run but you cant hide, or dodge bullets by the sound of it pmsl

    • With dismay I say: 3-1 To Liverpool.

    • a very boring 0-0 draw with us defending like diddly and united throwing everything at us bar the kitchen sink

      but with dogged defending we scrape a draw and chelsea stay top

      YNWA 96

    • " Do you not realise that i posted my comments before you posted your reply "

      So it was only after my reply that you finally understood the matter? Not very clever are you? SLAP!


    • Keep ducking and diving mate, but it ain't gonna help. Your ass is nailed firmly to the wall! Here........SLAP!

      Before your massive u-turn, iceman's "bum you got me good bum i'll give you that" was the most spectacular defeat EVER seen on these boards. I thought no one would ever top it !! (The funny thing is, iceman's submission is still there on the chelsea board for all to see. har har!)

      What was that butch?

      ......" Yes dogs "

      Speak up butchy boy!

      ................." YES DOGS "


      No doubt this spectacular ass-kicking has left you somewhat mentally scarred. It's going to take some time for you to recover from this humiliation. hehe. I understand iceman is still undergoing therapy -why don't you join him at the same clinic, you might be able to get a discount. ie two nuts for the price of one !!

      Now stop causing a scene and move along.

    • No mate it looks lik your the thicko. Do you not realise that i posted my comments before you posted your reply to duncan so i wouldn't know that was why you were saying it would I?

      Run along now like a good little boy (pat on the head), bless, you are a special one aren't you.


    • It even says they are easy at the bottom. Did you want a star?

    • I live in Australia and I can answer that .... the Anfield Cafe, and Terry's Supper Bar, and next door is The Arkles.

      Watford Road is one way, and no entry from Anfield Road.

      On the corner of Priory and Arkles in the Anfield Cheque Cashing Centre, and Signposts Ltd..

      These questions are too easy, it took me five minutes on the net.

      You need to ask questions like what the inside of the Arkles looks like .... "What is the first machine as you walk into the men's toilets at The Arkles, just on the wall on the right?"

      If you ask simple questions and he answers, it looks like he wins.


    • So missing two players means you're playing a reserve side.

      Just near the corner of Watford Rd and Anfield Rd there is two food establishments right next door to each other.

      What are they and what are the called and for a bonus what is next door to those two? Come on Dogs all you have to do is walk to the bottom of your street and look.

      What are the driving regulations for Watford Rd ?

      At the North end of Watford Rd turn left ( Priory & Arkles) there is a building on the Corner, what is the nature of their business ?

      All easy questions if you live on Watford Rd, ps I told you my wife was scouse so don't blag your way through now.

      Har Har.

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