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  • colin colin Oct 23, 2009 21:31 Flag

    King Kenny Speaks

    DSTEER...What do uexpect from King Kenny ? You think hes going to openly via the media stick the knife in and twist it ?
    There are going to be many Machiavellian twists and turns in the Benitez saga before hes gone...I fear u beloved Rafa will bedevil this club of ours for quite some time yet for reasons I explained on another post today. In that post I spoke of the risk very serious risk of us becoming the next Leeds virtually via default ..no pun intended where the debtwas concerned lol.

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    • If Kenny didn't agree he'd just stay quiet, or at least thats what you'd think.

      Also, Leeds situation occurred through gross financial mis-management. Together with selling their best players off at their peak. Nothing to do with the manager from what I recall. I could be wrong though, I don't support Leeds after all.

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      • e loader...Gross financial mismanagement...far as Im aware Peter Risdale managed to take control of Leeds in the same manner the Yanks did here via a leveraged debt laden agreement a debt that was set against the clubs assets should a default occur...DEFAULT eg not financing the debt ...not paying the interest payments . We just sold Alonso off at his peak how many more will go soon to finance the debt ? Dont be too sure we wont be the next club to go the way of Leeds..as I say the season before it all came aprt they were in Semi of ECLC ?

    • I thought you might be looking for a little agitation from Kenny. But I did not think you like him pledging his support.

    • Colin, it may be too much to draw this parrallel with Leeds. I am sure the Yanks will sell off the club with some money in hand well before the club needs to go into administration. They are mean businessmen. They want to go out with a profit in every way they can.

      Putting a businessman's cap on, this is not the right time to sell the club because of the prospects of missing CL qualification to knock-out rounds and may miss out the top 4. The owners will do everything to put the calm faces on. Gillet came out to support Rafa. Do you really believe that was truful?

      Kenny had to speak out probably for two reasons. Firstly, he loves the club and want everyone to stay focused. Rafa will not be sacked because of the huge pay-out the club cannot afford. Therefore, the support must go to Rafa to get us out of the slump. He is the most influential one other than the owner can draw the players, staff and fans to listen.

      Kenny knows he is the fans' favourite to take over from Rafa. He is now speaking out may indicate that he does not want the job at this stage.

      He quit Liverpool at the peak saying he could not take the pressure. Going to Blackburn and took a few trophies in 3-4 years. After winning the premiership he quit Blackburn again. He likes to quit at the top after bringing things from the dirt. He came back to LFC from the long self exile showing he is here for something. I am sure Kenny has the talent to take over from Rafa now, but he is not taking action. There must be some major ingredients still missing. Money from the owner may be it.