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  • Kuen Kuen Oct 26, 2009 10:52 Flag

    Will we lose Masch

    Last summer, Masch's agent was going around to other clubs, but no response from Masch himself. I thought that was a pay rise push.


    If this report was true, the pay rise push theory will not stand. Masch is quitting the sinking ship. If he goes, can we get 30M from him?

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    • If Masch wants to leave, he'll find a way to leave. If that is the case, just like Alonso, we need to maximize the money we get for him. At least so far I agree with you.

      But, to trust a story in the Star as a given fact maybe jumping the gun a little. Yes he may have turned down a contract, but contracts offered in Oct, when the player still has more than 2 years left on his current deal are nothing more than negotiation, not a take it or leave it situation. If he really wants out I’d expect a big transfer fee come Jan or maybe next summer. But until he gets to less than a year left on his contract, and is turning down our offers, I’ll refrain from hitting the panic button.

    • seriously when you were in school did you panic when so and so told you so and so wanted to slap you like a bitch? Did you believe who ha when they said that their best friends sister's cousin loved you to death?
      Come on guys stop belieing the rumour mill so much and feeding panic support your team and manager

    • If my memory is correct, he still has 2.5 years of contract with us, so if we sell him in the summer, we should still get at least 25m from clubs like Barca.

      The player is clearly unsettled and I think Rafa knows all the time that his departure is just a matter of time. I think Rafa did a fantastic job in securing Mascherano's service for at least a few more months after Alonso's departure. That's why he used part of the Alonso sales proceeds to buy "Aquaman", clearly with losing Mascherano in mind.

      Of course we all have to wait to see how Aquaman will measure up, but we may as well start thinking who should we buy in January. If we can get 30m for Mash, I will break the bank and tell Hicks once and for all to show genuine support to the club, let's make a 60m bid for Villa!