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  • Well can you suggest some possible transfers for us.

    My suggestionL

    Lahm, Bale or Rafinha for Dossena
    Ozil or someone half decent for El Zhar
    Silva for Babel
    Muller or Aguero for Babel.
    And to help fund some of the above let Masch go, since he wants to so much

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    • javi martinez for mascherano, bojan for babel, buy juan mata for the left wing, now we just need a good central defender to back others up and a left back for dossena, and a shit load of cash!!

    • for 2 babel i meant Voronin. and its not wishful thinking. Its possible. Its just will Rafa do it or not

    • Ok they're only suggestions, but they're also pipe dreams so I see no real point to the thread.

      Two players for Babel? And not just that, Silva and Aguero?

      Very wishful thinking.

      I'm also not keen on the idea of letting Masch go unless he explicitly expresses the desire to. He looked a bit off form early this season and his body language looked cause for concern, like he was a wantaway. But having recently revealed the toll his national team took on him as the reason for that, rather than pining for a move to Barca, it makes the dip in form a bit easier to justify.

      With Alonso gone, I think retaining a DM like Masch is very important to the squad. Especially if Aqualini is the much more attack-minded midfielder he is being touted as.

    • We can all suggest whatever signings but it's not as if Rafa LISTENS TO THE FANS!!! He'll end up getting or selling who he wants, I wouldn't put it past him selling Mascherano and not getting in a ready made replacement for him like he did with Alonso..

      Aguero is out of the question because apparently the coach will only get £12million to spend with....so I wouldn't hold your breath for any 'marquee' signings...the key NOW is to remain consistent after the win over Manchester United....it can't be just a flash in the pan...that's why it'll be interesting to see tommorrow's match v arsenal, the team back on form or was it just a one-big-win wonder....

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      • I agree Rafa doesnt listen, but we can discuss it and there is always the first time. So who knows. I think that Muller option is good and if we get rid of Voronin El Zhar and Babel than both Pacheco and Nemeth are in with a chance. Also Ozil can replace Mascherano, and by a couple of other sales we might get enough for Silva

    • Seeing how our owners have no money, we will probably have to sell before we buy. So players that in my opinion can go.

      D Cavalieri
      C Itandje
      P Degen
      A Dossena
      F Aurelio
      S Kyrgiakos
      A Riera
      R Babel
      N El Zhar
      A Voronin
      L Leiva

      And if Javier Mascherano’s heart is not in the club, get best price for him.

    • what amases me is that both of our owners are buisness men. and they should know that without putting something in, they wont get anything out. So if they dont cash up for some good players we will be hard pressed to win anything, and get the prize money from CL or other tournaments. They should know that.

      And Daniel B Rafinha is more of a winger so we might get him, and Ozil already would cost around 10 mil pounds so we might get him while cheap, same with Muller not so much Silva and Aguero but we still need them

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      • i thought rafinha was a right sided wing back rather than left sided? if we did get rafinha him and johnson could form a decent partnership down right (like insua and aurelio down the left on sunday) as they are both play the same position and could easily interchange between attack and defence.

        yes muller could be a decent option but i would probably prefer to see pacheco or nemth given a shot. I think we could do with a more established player though like ballotelli of inter of dzeko of wolfsburg

        Ozil, yes, could be a good buy if we sell mascherano.

    • Nice suggestions.. I'd also suggest Totti ... thing is it all boils down to funds..

      How much pocket money is Rafa gonna get from mummy & daddy (H&G) to play with :)...