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  • Amran Amran Oct 28, 2009 19:00 Flag

    Why we cant win the EPL

    Man Utd...50 million quid for Valencia pair...........liverpool tracking midfielder 4 million

    end of story.

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    • They havn't bought them yet and havn't those two players been touted around for about three years already?

      theres also reports out there varying from

      we have to sell Gerrard and Torres to reduce the loan to sell the club


      Rafa will be given about 15mil in January plus whatever he makes from sales to strengthen.

      Take your pick of the gutter press but please note that they are frequently wrong and rarely right.

    • Up untill this summer we have been spending money and slowly but surely catching up with Chelsea and United. The money stopped this summer for one reason or another and we seem to be stuttering. It suggests that with slightly less funds Rafa can make more progress per pound but without it we will be either a big suprise or as it would seem slightly off the boil. I think its a long race and Arsenal and City will both also be involved, Tottenham will fade away but the gap between 1st and 6th is going to be smaller then ever before.

    • Well Chelsea have £42m lined up to sign Aguero when their transfer ban has been lifted..

      We can only dream to spend that kinda money on a player..

      Despite having 2 billionaire owners in Hicks & Gillett..

      Quite right to say if we don't spend big and match the big boys in spending we'll never win the EPL.. We need H&G to give Rafa serious money to match the likes of Chelsea etc or they both need to sell up and we can have someone in who can match them and surpass them in spending..

    • Money doesn't buy success,look at the so called galacticos last night.

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      • Does it not? Who are the two richest Premier league clubs: Chelsea and United. Who has won the premiership the last 5 occasions? History disagrees with you. Who won the premiership in 1995? Why?

        I'll make a single prediction right now. If current investment continues, Manchester City WILL WIN the premiership in the next four years.

        Liverpool CANNOT win the premiership, barring extremely sloppy management by Chelsea, United, and City, and extremely good management by Rafa Benitez.