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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 28, 2009 19:05 Flag

    Why we cant win the EPL

    Money doesn't buy success,look at the so called galacticos last night.

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    • Does it not? Who are the two richest Premier league clubs: Chelsea and United. Who has won the premiership the last 5 occasions? History disagrees with you. Who won the premiership in 1995? Why?

      I'll make a single prediction right now. If current investment continues, Manchester City WILL WIN the premiership in the next four years.

      Liverpool CANNOT win the premiership, barring extremely sloppy management by Chelsea, United, and City, and extremely good management by Rafa Benitez.

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      • Unfortunately I think your right. A single purchase, whether its Villa, Silva or both will not guarantee the title, and money alone does not mean success (ask yourself why Chelsea have been off the boil for the last 3 seasons), but it is a major ingredient.

        Money, Good management, Stability: for me this is what is needed to win. Right now we have 1 out of the 3, while Chelsea have at least 2, and as do the Mancs, while city have plenty of cash, so its just a question if Hughes can do it at the next level, and for the squad to actually settle down. We better get it together at the board level; otherwise we'll be left behind.