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    Well then what do u have to win at Anfield Rafa? You're sure not gonna win any EPL titles anytime soon.. well not with the tactics and the cheapy crappy players u brought in... ...

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    • The players that have developed Rafa has sold...

      Rafa sold Jack Hobbs who was looking like a bright prospect at LFC. I'm sure theirs many others Spearing may fall into that category if he doesn't get enough games..

      At a time when we need depth and young players to come through whats Rafa do? Go and sell em !!! Hobbs could've and should've plugged a gap when we needed cover at the back...

    • btw, can you tell me what the heck you were on about on your last paragraph? Or maybe you can tell me how you actually cry on a message board. Not really up on the modacoms, so maybe that is one I've missed.


    • Thank you for posting the link, I assume the below is the full transcript of what was said, although you never know when a newspaper quotes anyone whether its the full statement or just a sound bite.

      But below I think is what everyone found offensive. And, to be honest the first sentence cannot be defended. However I'm not sure what is wrong with the rest of the statement? So while I know many hate Rafa for many reasons, and I agree with them the first sentence cannot be defended, please let me know what is wrong with the rest of what he said, and why that means he should be kicked to the curb.

      “I don’t agree when people say that you have to win trophies.

      “I always say you have to be there, you have to be close, you have to create a group of players who can fight for trophies.

      “We got 86 points last season, yet some people were saying that it wasn’t good because we finished second.

      “I think reducing the gap between the top team and Liverpool to four points was a massive achievement.

      “Trophies mean a lot to everyone. But the most important thing is to see progression and evidence that you are improving and able to fight for trophies.

      “It’s not just about one year. It is about what we can achieve in the future.

      “People say that I have now been here five years. I say, look at the differences here now.

      “Look at the value of the club before compared to the value of the club now.

      “Look at the value of the squad before compared to the value of the squad now. You can see the progression.”

      He then went on to say about the future:

      “Christian Purslow made it very clear that when I signed a new contract for five years it was so that I would be at this club for a very long time.

      “Now I can control the Academy, I can control the young players we produce and build something very good for the future.

      “We have analysed the squad together, looking at plans for January and also next season.

      “My belief is that we will qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League, but of course, you have to have plans based on whether you have more money or less money available.

      “The more money you have, the easier it is.

      “If you have less money then you have to manage in a different way and find other solutions to improve.”

    • Bill, Arnold, I did not defend Rafa as I agree that he has not developed a great talent out of the reserves yet, despite sinking money into players l like Gonzales, and Leto.

      But neither of you have addressed my thought back on that subject. Should we have expected him to do better? Who else has done better? Thinking about that time frame who else has been developed?

    • Your right we don't know who is and is not injured, so at some point need to take the word of the Gaffer, or call him out on a lie. At one level playing little games before a match may give some advantage, so not announcing some of the injuries before the game might have been to not allow Fulham any insight on what are strategy might be, not that it worked. But after the fact I can see no advantage, so I've got to take the gaffer and team doctor’s word for it.

      And while you’re right it does highlight our lack of depth, let’s be honest here. Which clubs could cope with the following: 2 CBs (Skrtel, Agger) out, 2 LBs (Aurellio, Dossena) out, 2RB (Johnson, Kelly) out, 2 strikers (Gerrard, N'Gog) out, and one only at 80% fitness, 2 creative midfielders (Gerrard, Aqualani) out, and all outfield left footed players out.

      At least we can say we had our first choice: Goalie, defensive midfielder and right winger. Everything else was makeshift at best.

    • i thought gonzalez was going to be better than ronaldo...how naive of me lol

    • I was definately 'surprised' by Gonzalez - but there's a few others still surprising me to this day :-)

    • sorry if you took me wrong arnold, i knew you were only giving his name as en example.

      I think we could list 15-20 players that we 'the next big thing' but that's pointless isnt it? I just hope that the ones we still have (nemeth, kelly eccleston etc...) do come could and turn out to be the next owen, carragher and gerrard. I just hope none of them turn out to be a david thompson or stephen wright lol

    • daniel, I am not saying anderson was the answer, it was just an example, as you said re: hamill, had heard good things about him. Same with Darby (we sign degan), there is nemeth of course, and he is on loan.

      When rafa signed gonzalez, rafa said he would 'light up' the league' and that 'fans would be surprised by him'. Leto was another and a number of others.

    • bill, your right, on saturday we didnt have a clue who was injured.

      All i knew of was gerrard, aquaman, riera, kelly and johnson (i thought he might make it but took his abscence from the teamsheet that he was injured).

      But then we find out today that agger, skrtel, aurelio and ngog are injured. This does go some way to explaining the team selection and the bench. But why didnt we know about this on saturday? This may have saved some of the threads that have been posted regarding the team selection. But what this does highlight his our lack of strenght in depth. Most (top) teams have 3-4 decent strikers, we have one for god sake!

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