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    a confident manager sticks to his guns, but so does a stubborn one...... how to tell them apart? results of course...... an astute manager is one that sees results not going his way and immediately shakes things up.... be it the lineup, tactics, dressing room talk, training, whatever.... but fattenitez is SUCH a muppet that he will NEVER change what he believes in regardless of the results (or lack of).... this is a great quote from colin on another thread that sums up the tw@t benitez PERFECTLY:

    "you know how stubborn this man is he will use the same tactics over and over when everyone has sussed them just in some vain glorious attempt to prove himself right."

    it explains everything including his poor relationship with the players..... his favouritism, etc... can anyone explain why benayoun has never started AND ended the same game this season when he is clearly the ONLY midfielder gerrard apart that seems capable of conjuring up something from nothing? can anyone explain why despite a budget even smaller than liverpool's mr. wenger continues to build a team that's exciting, has a GREAT pipeline of exciting young players coming through? and they're young brits to boot..... why united is able to grind out results in games with donaldo leaving and having key players out injured? why can lfc not go on winning streaks for more than 7-8 games? tell you what, because that is CUP TEAM mentality, not a team that wants to be a powerhouse and dominate at home first....... fatty is a cup team manager and lfc should NOT be reduced to a cup team any longer..... get him out.... he's dined out on istanbul long enough..... obrigado friends!!!

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    • cup team mentality doesn't really help when there are no cups left to compete in...... what a tw@t benitez...... don't see him offering to take a pay cut to help the club.... no, let's keep the flow of money from lfc to spanish investments intact as the club goes down.... jose hopes the rafa brigade is as happy as fatty when he looks at his bank statements everyday.... obrigado!!!

    • If Aqualini wasn't fully fit then why was he on the bench? Surely players that are on the bench are players who're fit & able to contribute at some point in the match?

      In that match it was crying out for Aqualini.. I bet he's wondering "why did I join LFC? When I could & should be playing football.. if I wanted to watch a live match i could watch it in my room" ..

    • Fair points dsteer. But ones I disagree with.

      Tactics/ footballing philosophy. My love of Liverpool started as a young lad playing county level football. Our manager (mr Osbourne incidentally) used to make us watch VHS (remember those) of the Early 80's Liverpool sides taken straight from match of the day. His point was to show us not great dribbling, or phenomenal physical fitness (Jan Molby!!!) but to highlight attacking, attractive 'pass and go' football - triangles, recieve the ball, control, give. I watched us beat teams by moving the ball around in a positive fashion, if it went backwards that was usually to facillitate space and a creative forward pass. I watched us score goals where the other team did not touch the ball in ten seamless passes. Now I watch us achieve the same number of passes (hence the stats) but the majority sideways or backwards, and all too often ending with a lumped ball forward from the back. Yes we keep the ball now, but we do very little with it. I have plenty more to say on the matter, but I will content myself with saying that Rafa's footballing philosophy has been very consistent - stop the other team from playing. His Valencia team were known as 'the crushing machine'.

      Transfer policy. I don't believe that I have jumped on the 'he has done nothing right in the market'. However, 2007 we had five recognised strikers in the squad (Torres, Kuyt, Crouch, Babel, Voromin). 2009 we have Torres, and our backup is Voronin? I assume that the Rafa believed that Kuyt and Babel were better wingers, despite the combined judgements of their national managers seeing them as strikers. You would have to assume that they would then perform better as wingers than as strikers? I would argue that this is not the case, and that by playing them in the wide positions we have gained nothing, and perhaps lost quite a lot. I accept that we have injuries, but I disagree that no other club - let alone City or Chelsea could sustain them in the areas that we have had them. We have s crisis of strikers, despite only playing the single striker. Totenham could call upon the services of four very good goalscorers (Keane, Crouch, Defoe, Pavluchenko). The presence of Crouch in that equation undermines the belief that Crouch left because he was not prepared to compete for first team football - he has greater competition now. In my opinion Rafa has gambled - he has signed cover for many positions by buying what he believed to be quality players that were under valued (Voronin, Degen, N'Gog, Lucas, etc) rather than buying quality and taking the risk that not all areas of the team were covered. It was not a sensless risk - I understand it, but he has gotten it very very wrong.

      Youth prospect. Seeing as 25 seems to be the average age you have presented, lets take that as the cut off, and analyse players under that age as 'youth'. The comparison is subjective and speculative because we (unfortunately) cannot tell the future. But I see promise in:

      Insua (DF/20)
      Darby (DF/21)
      Agger (DF/24)
      Skrtel (DF/24)
      Kelly (DF/19)
      Ayala (DF/18)

      Lucas (DF/22)
      Spearing (DF/20)
      Plessis (DF/21)
      Babel (DF/22)

      N'Gog (DF/20)

      Against this little lot...

      Fabianski (GK/24)
      Manonne (GK/21)

      Senderos (DF/24)
      Alex Song (DF/21)
      Gibbs (DF/21)
      Djourou (DF/22)
      Vearmealan (DF/23)
      Clichy (DF/24)
      Traore (DF/19)

      Diaby (MF/23)
      Fabregas (MF/22)
      Nasri (MF/22)
      Denilson (MF/21)
      Ramsey (MF/18)
      Wilshere (MF/17)
      Merida (MF/19)

      Vela (FW/20)
      Walcott (FW/20)
      Bendtner (21)

      For me there is no comparison. There are a wealth of players in there (Walcott, Vela, Ramsay, Bendtner, Wilshire, Denilson, Nasri, Fabregas, Traore, Vaermalen, Clichy, Gibbs, Mannone, Fabianski) who really could be something special in the game. We simply don't have that. That is why I worry about the future of our youth team, and why it is no media orgy.

    • Jose, now Piers has helped us establish who is, and is not a football manager, and your colourful language. Care to explain why Rafa got the subs so wrong again last night? I asked you a bit further up the thread, but looks like you might have got distracted.

    • 5 stars as always piers.... and you are too right regarding the debating over a pint.... are you on the wrong side of the atlantic by any chance? perhaps jose can buy you a pint sometime.... obrigado friend!!!

    • "...he will NEVER change what he believes"?

      Rotation. Rafa used to be criticized for his constant rotations, that was a huge change, agree?

      Lineup: Rafa uses a backbone of players, if those players are injured, or they get themselves dismissed... sure, let's blame Rafa. If Rafa does not play youngsters he gets blasted, if he does, he gets the same treatment.

      Tactics. What would you have done differently in the 1st half? Be specific and enlighten this board with your footballing knowledge.

      Training? I can't talk about his training methods, can you? His colleagues praise his methods, perhaps you know more than they do. Please let us know what training methods should Rafa change, and please be specific.