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    The only way to fix it is surgery... "It tends to get worse as you exercise, so it comes on halfway through or later in a game and can get worse that evening or the next morning. It settles down, but you stir it up again by playing.”

    Rafa's luck has run out, it's not a good season to be a LFC fan.

    Does anyone believe in astrology? It looks like, as LFC is concerned, the stars are completely misaligned.

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    • If I knew the answer definitively I'd be on the short list of candidate to replace Rafa, if not the owners. But for me, at the very least we have to be realistic.

      On the one hand we'd all love to have owners who would free us from debt, build us a new stadium, and offer whoever is the gaffer, an open cheque book. But we don't so we have to deal with the hand we've been dealt, at least until the time comes when hopefully new owners come in, and we get a re-deal.

      For me I think there are 3 things we need to progress, or at least 2 out of 3 things, if our main rivals also don't have a perfect hand. That is, Money, Good Management, and Stability. We obviously don't have the first relative to our main rivals, I'd argue we have the second, although understand that's a subjective opinion, and while we've not had a lot of the last, looking for a new manager know will keep the club, and especially the playing staff unstable for at least the next 2 seasons.

      For comparison, the Mancs have all 3 right now, and will continue to have all 3 until either Fergie retires, and or the Glazners financial position starts having a real impact on the club. It looks to me that Chelsea has good management now, obviously they got the cash, so its all about how stable things remain, which has been their Achilles heal IMO. Arsenal, are very stable, have good management, but like us are weak financially. However with a new stadium, and changes in their ownership structure, it’s very possible their financial situation will improve in time.

      But also remember, Spurs are trying to do an Arsenal, and Man City is trying to do a Chelsea. Others like Villa are also trying to find a way forward, so while long term we need owners who can at least deliver us an improving financial situation, until then at the very least I'd advocate we keep the good manager we have, and try to maintain as much stability as possible. The only other thing that can help us along is a good piece of luck, but we all know that’s been thin on the ground these days for the boys in Red.

    • Realisticaly our recent injuries put in Chelsea or Uniteds context would leave them with the following teams
      Belletti Terry Ivanovic Zhirkov
      Essien Lampard Mikel Cole
      Deco Kalou

      V D Sar
      O'Shea Ferdinand Brown Fabio
      Valencia Scholes Fletcher Nani
      Owen Macheda

      I think Chelsea would be better off then us but not United.

    • Robert, not sure if you read the other thread, although got a feeling you did as your on here a lot, so do you also want to take out the other players in the positions listed and make a judgment call if you'd still gone 10 matches in a row?

      So you'll need to remove from your squad, and as I've said the deepest most expensive squad, in the league:

      2 Right backs, (1 first choice, other back up)
      2 Center backs (2 out of your best 3 CB's)
      1 Left back (first choice caliber)
      1 Left winger (first choice caliber)
      1 Central midfield (first choice caliber)

      and of course Drogba and Anelka.

      With your squad I think you would have actually done better than we are at the moment, but then again you have spent the money to almost have 3 first teams.

    • sofa it seems that your problem (like me) is with the owners not rafa.

      So if we had a rich owner who would give rafa the neccessry funds to compete at the top of the transfer market, would you still want a new manager or would you give rafa a chance to see what he can do?

    • Which begs the following questions?

      1 Why did Rafa agree a new contract ?

      2. Hicks said in a comment "we "George & I have never refused Rafa funds" well they clearly have or we'd have Silva & Villa here by now..

      3. Rafa has supposed full control but he hasn't really cos H&G can refuse funds.. so whats the truth here?

      4. H&G claim they want the EPL yet they aren't willing to fund the purchase of players that would necessate that are they?

    • Rafa repeatedly tried to get David Villa, David Silva, and Gareth Barry, among many other great players. The problem was that H&G were not willing to open the checkbook.

    • We can blame Rafa for the players he brought in some yes have been inspired / necessary.. Torres, Mascherano, Johnson...

      Others have been along the lines of wtf????

      Such as Voronin..ok he was a free.. but then why is he put in front of N'gog?

      The statements from Rafa of late have been that of resignation.. not that he's gonna resign but of the fact he seems to have given up.. saying things like "the EPL title is an option", "we don't need to win trophies" those are hardly words to rouse and inspire the players is it?

    • I think you've answered your own questions regarding the truthfulness of our owners statements. The question I have therefore is can we blame Rafa for statements that have not been fulfilled by our owners?

    • Rafa's quotes were before the start of this season were "we don't need to buy anymore players" well it was clear to see that other teams around us that we deemed weaker had strengthened and in fact were on a par or if not stronger than us.. Spurs, Fulham for example..

      He sold Alonso (the linchpin of most of our attacking play), so made us much weaker.. then he buys an attacking midfielder for £20m who was injured for ages.. so we've no idea how he was gonna do.. luckily he seems to be showing some good skills but theiers the question mark is Aqualini gonna be able to handle the EPL since he seems injury prone?

      The tag he had to get rid of Houllier's squad is a valid one however he should've cleared all that dead wood by now.. so now what remains is Rafa's choices..

      Why oh why he insists on playing Voronin is beyond me.. Voronin suits the slower pace of german football not, the breakneck speed of the EPL..

      Rafa should've bought Huntelaar or someone like him as a back up to Torres.. we all hoped Babel was gonna do that role but he's proven not up to the job..

    • I heard that Gerrard may need surgery also, which if that turns out to be the case, could keep him out to around mid to late December. But I suppose that is all Rafa's fault right?

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      • Dsteer, I can cope with constructive criticism, but most of the anti-Rafa brigade don't offer realistic alternatives. They just hate the guy, without taking into account all the negative circumstances surrounding the club, pure and simple.

      • It's Rafa's fault in that he didn't buy players of similar quality. As he should take into account players are human they're not machines they can get ill or require surgery.

        He's had the money to do that and chose not to. The so called figure thats been bandied around is £240m which works out at £24m per transfer window. Now if he had brought in players of that price we'd expect them to be of the same quality as Torres.. ie. very good to excellent..

        If for some reason Rafa couldn't get the players in time.. he's got young players he can bring in to make up the shortfall.. Spearing could and should've got more play time than he has. We had a promising defender (I forget his name) and he was shipped out.. I assume cos he wasn't getting enough game time. How are we supposed encourage and bring in players to replace Gerrard, Carragher? Those 2 in particular are gonna be retiring soon yet no contingency plan has been put into place.

        Regarding Torres hernia.. these things happen and Rafa should've got in a striker of similar ability or even a younger cheaper version of Torres .. either way Rafa seems to have Plan A, if said plan doesn't work.. oh shit what do I do now? That seems to be Rafa's mentality.. Thats why we're in the position we're in..

        Rafa just can't seem to get it into his head a proven backup plan is plan is required from time to time.. he aint got any !! If he goes to Real Madrid he'll be in paradise cos he'll be surrounded by so much talent.. At LFC thats not the case in part to our owners not splashing the required cash and Rafa not spending wisely..

      • Dave when Roy Keane went out with Crutiate ligaments Alex had a squad to go to, you just don't get it.
        Was you the kind of kid who used to say "my mum say's your not allowed to kick my ball."