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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 5, 2009 03:12 Flag

    Someone please explain

    If this game is important enough to risk Torres why not risk the Aqua as I understand he is fit just needs match practice. Seems RB will bring him on if we are behind or tied..... Is it not better to start him perhaps get a lead then pull him off later?? Negative tactics methinks.......

    Thoughts anyone....

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    • The question is, is it worth to risk further aggravation to the player's injuries in order to save Rafa's job?

      Rafa might not be a likable character, but he is a man of integrity, if there's the lightest doubt that any of his players could seriously aggravate an existing injury, I think that Rafa would choose not to play the player, at the risk of losing his own job.

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      • Aqua man is not match fit he is not injured....it is Torres who is nursing an injury Rafa is risking losing Torres makes no sense to me risk Torres but do not play Aqua man from the start see how long he can go and try for a win........ sorry I am not convinced Rafa is keeping him out for integrity reasons I just think he has lost the plot......