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    Dsteer or P&S please expain two things

    As you too seem to be able to discuss............

    If this game is important enough to risk Torres why not risk the Aqua as I understand he is fit just needs match practice. Is it not better to start him perhaps get a lead then pull him off later?? Negative tactics methinks.......

    On this evenings game???????????
    Bring on a striker Ngog on 87 mins...I know we may of needed the head to head but 3 points were more important...Why did fatlad not bring on a defensive player to protect the lead.....Or leave Torres on at least they would keep a player on him or throw forward and leave him open for a break away give him 3 mins rest for what......fatlad has to go now.......Europa league here we come...F%$#$K

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    • First off think you have to understand that the ailments that are impacting the two players are very different, so really not sure on the face of it you should treat them the same.

      Torres is reported to have a hernia, or at least at risk of developing a hernia. He's fine to play, but if he over does it he's at risk of either needing extra time to rest before he can play again, or worse aggravate his condition to the point only surgery is going to help, and therefore requiring a long time out.

      Aqualani on the other hand is recovering from a virus, so its not a matter of keeping him in cotton wool to save him for the next game, but more a decision of is he fit enough right now to have an impact. I don't know if he was, but nor does anyone on this board, including yourself, and of course P&S. The answer can only come from the player, the team doctor, and the coaching staff. From their advice, Rafa has to make a decision.

      Personally I understand Aquaman not starting. To be honest unless he's fully fit (match fit) and fully recovered from the virus, I don't think he would have been as effective as either Lucas or Masch, one of which is the player that would have to make way for him to start his natural position. Both controlled the game very well. Lyon did not look like scoring other than from a couple set pieces, and a couple fleeting breaks. Other than that we controlled the game, because we controlled the midfield.

      However where I would have like to see Aquaman, if he had been fit was to replace Voronin at about the 60 minute mark. It’s not the Italians natural position, but the Ukrainian just was not getting it done.

      However, Rafa went with Babel, and I admit I screamed at that moment, as I just did not see him being the player we needed at that time. However, and give Rafa some credit here, I was wrong, and Rafa was right, as the extra speed, and willingness to run at defenders was exactly what we needed to break them down.

      Torres was not himself that was obvious, so while many bemoan him coming off, we did need to go for the second goal, and besides taking a look at our back 4, if we had better options defensively, they would have been on from the start! A second goal assured, if points were tied, we'd end up ahead of Lyon. If Torres had not got the job done over 85 minutes, I think it’s fair to say that Criss has the upper hand. So the best thing Rafa could have done was try a new approach, hence N'Gog, which I'll remind you, many on here thought was the man who should have played at the weekend instead of Voronin, but how fickle some fans are!

    • Good afternoon scouser... no point asking steer ANYTHING lad... the pseudo-Yank fencesitter once said and STILL stands by tripe like this

      "He was brought in as a utility striker. I'd say he's a solid player to keep in the squad."

      "I was thinking a similar thing, as he's had 2 cracking performances coming off the bench and is proving his worth for us."

      "Lucas think deserves a little credit. The lad is 21 or 22. did not put a foot wrong. He stepped in, and he stepped up. Great job.He must not be allowed to walk alone."

      Nuff said....

      Now first up Aqua man was supposedly sick from flu so shouldn't have even BEEN on the bench. However i agree, if he was available should've started the first 30 ahead of Lucas and we should've gone all guns BLAZING against a nervous Lyon team established a two goal lead and then changed tactics.

      Secondly lad, the reason N'Gog came on is because we needed a TWO goal win to insure us qualifying ahead of Lyon in the head to head against them in order to go through if tied on the same points IF Fiorentina beat them. All this is irrelevant now though. Torres should've been kept on for the short amount of time left as we have NO GAME until next Monday now. Ridiculous.

      Class dismissed. Rafa DISMISSED!

    • On the first point, Aqua is returning from his ankle injury, but suffered a heavy cold over the weekend. He was on the bench "incase", but this, coupled with match fitness issues meant he was a last last resort only.

    • You are asking P&S a question... you are new here, aren't you?

    • I think Rafa wants to be sacked so that he can pocket 20m in compensation then bugger off to Real!

      There is no sensible explanation for the Torres/Ngog substitution, especially at that late stage unless Rafa wanted to:

      1) give extra injury time added to Lyon to catch up (each substitution will clock around 30 secs extra time);
      2) allow Lyon to go all out attack;
      3) make sure we didn't have extra defender to defend when the legs of of our back 4 were weakened!