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  • Since there isn't much fun with the club, with only 1 win out of last 8, and since so much people blame Benitez for tactics and transfers then what would you do in his place? here is my transfers:

    IN: OUT:
    Sergio Arsenjo + 5m Pepe Reina
    Ignatiy Nestrov + 2m Diego Cavaleri
    Rene Adler Charles Itandje + 8m
    Philip Lahm Fabio Aurelio + 4m
    Mathew Upson Sortios Kirgiakos + 10m
    5 million pounds Andrea Dossena
    Per Mertesaker Jamie Carragher + 5m
    Thomas Mueller + Bastian Schweinsteiger Alberto Aquilani + Ryan Babel + 10 m
    Server Djeparov + 3m Lucas Lieva
    Maksim Shatskik +3m Andrei Voronin
    Sergio Agüero David N’gog + 40m
    David Silva 30 million pounds
    Mesut Özil for 13 million
    2 million pounds Nabil El Zhar
    Javier Mascherano for 33 million

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    • Now this is fantasy football stuff here.

      Outs and how much I would expect to get for them

      Diego Cavalieri 3mil
      Andriy Voronin 3mil
      Fabio Aurelio 3.5mil
      Sotirios Kyrgiakos 1mil
      Ryan Babel 6.5mil
      Philipp Degen 2mil
      Damien Plessis .5mil
      Charles Itandje 1mil
      Nabil El Zhar 1.5mil
      Andrea Dossena 4mil

      total: 30.5

      Then add another 30mil transfer budget (you'd expect at least), so 60.5 mil.

      Firstly lets replace the players who have been sold.

      Cavalieri - promote david martin to the first team. The reserve keeper rarely gets a chance so would be happy with him playing in the carling cup and maybe good prove to be a good young english keeper.

      Voronin - Well lets spend some of that cash and get a decent striker in. I would like to see Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg. 18mil.

      Fabio Aurelio - We have insua and I will get to another left back when I get to dossena.

      Sotirios Kyrgiakos - Ideally Raul Albiol but real madrid have just bought him so would be asking a ridiculous price. So I too would go with Per Mertesacker. Carra would then be the 4th choice centre back like Hyypia last year. Ideally he would take a player coach role. 10 mlil.

      Ryan Babel - Juan Mata. 12mil.

      Philipp Degen - We have Martin Kelly to replace Degen.

      Damien Plessis - I am sure we could find another player in the reserves. Victor Palsson looks decent.

      Charles Itandje - Either Peter Gulacsi or Dean Bouzanis could step up as 3rd choice keeper.

      Nabil El Zhar - Is on the fringes so doesn't really need replacing.

      Andrea Dossena - straight swap for john arne riise. Yes I am saying bring him back, even after we found why he never shoots with his right foot. He is still a decent left back and can easily play left mid as well if we get hit buy a few injuries/suspensions.

      Thats 40mil spent leaving 20.5mil.

      I would push kuyt back up top meaning we had 4 strikers again in Torres, Dzeko, Kuyt and Ngog.

      This allows Gerrard to move back to centre mid. Gerrard, Lucas, Masch and Aquaman would be our 4 centre midfielders with spearing when we our short of numbers.

      In defence we would have Johnson and Kelly at right back. Insua and riise at left back. Agger, Skrtel, Mertesacker and Carra at centre back. In reserve we would have Ayala, San Jose and Kelly who could also play there.

      So really all we need now is wingers. We would already have Riera, Benayoun and Mata. (Riise could also play there). I think another 2 wingers would do it. I think we could get quaresma on the cheap, say 7-8 mil. So that would leave 12.5- 13.5mil. For that I think we could get Gourcouff (sp?) from Bordeaux.

      There you go Leo, hope that does it for you and actually I retract the statement that this is fantasy football as it seems quite realistic.

    • Bit harsh to sell Aqualini when the guy has yet to play a full game for us.. Besides we just bought him...

    • nestrov would be 3 choice keeper. he is better than cavaleri but not a star.l
      S hatskikh is Uzbek Schevchenko. he scored 30 goals in 46 games for Uzbek natioal team. But he would be 4 choice striker and i admit he isnt exactly Fernando Torres.
      But Djeparov would be back up for Gerrard since he probably best mid Asia. BUt please someone post their choices of transfers

    • This list might not be as far fetched as you may think. Just picked this link of the official forums. Of course it could be just paper talk again though.


    • Let me explain this.

      Arsenjo isnt better then Reina now but will be in the future. And Schweinsteiger is better the Aqualaini for me Daniel.
      also its 67 million pounds speend not 93. and i will explain a few more things later cos im at work right now. and please post your transfers

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      • well i would rather have an establihsed goalkeeper than one who MAY turn out to be good. We have been there before with carson and kirkland and I dont really want us havving to go through that again. Anyway, we have two promising young keeper in Peter Gulacsi and Dean Bouzanis.

        That isnt the question i asked though, I asked why get rid of aquilani before even see him playing? Plus they dont even play in the same position, Aquaman is primarily a centre midfielder whereas schweinsteiger is more of a winger, or at least and attacking midfielder more suited to the left or right rather than centre midfield. I would much rather have both in my team.

        I will post my transfers at some point mate, i am at work as well. I dont really know if i'll put transfer fees down but I will post my ins and outs...it's going to be a bit fantasy football as I djust dont think we have the funds (even generated by sales) to make all these transfers possible.

    • so you would get rid of reina, rated one of the best keepers inb the world? and also aquilani without even seeing him play? bit ridiclous if you ask me.

    • Maybe I'm not reading this right, but assuming you get the deals your talking about, that’s still a net layout of ₤93M. Where are we getting that kind of cash? And do you really think the new squad is almost ₤100M better than what we've already got?