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    Alberto Acquilani

    I didn't see the game last night, but heard that Acquilani played the last 10 mins or so.

    How did the boy do on his Premier League debut? We should be talking about this instead of the Ngog incident - he did what he had to do to secure a much needed point.

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    • "he did what he had to do to secure a much needed point" - so just to get this straight, you condone cheating?

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      • no, i don't condone cheating. i'd rather see it out of the game.

        all i said was that he did what he had to do to secure the point - that doesn't mean i agree with it.

        given your yahoo name, i assume that you are a Man Utd supporter. if anything, you should be looking at the conduct of your own team vs chelsea. for the last 20 mins, everytime a decision went against you, at least 3 or 4 players surrounded the ref, mouthing off....had your players spent more time playing the game, instead of complaining, perhaps you would have equalised....the conduct of the players was actually disgraceful - acting like a bunch of babies. not surprising when their manager does the same thing....

    • He did ok, if anything he looked a little of the pace but it will take him a bit of time to settle. I honestly thought we played brilliantly last night and if not for a little more incision we could have racked up a cricket score.

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      • Aquilani will be a great player for Liverpool but needs some time. Don't expect miracles in one or two games but if his highlights on youtube are anything to go by, when he's back on form (by which time Stevie G and Torres should be too) Liverpool will be back to their winning ways :)

        Keep the faith guys!

      • Good to hear. With the International break coming up, I'm hoping he can get fitter - then perhaps he can start the next game, or come on at half time. He needs to get match fitness from the sounds of it....and then hpefully, he can show us what he can do. we are in dire need of some creativity in midfield.

        it's also positive to know that we created chances. shame that we couldn't be more deadly in our finishing. that seems to be the problem recently - i.e. vs Lyon last week....we should have won by 2 or 3 goals, but there were too many wasted chances.