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    GUSS HIDDINK 4 Liverpool

    Now theres a headline I'd like to see.

    I'd still take Martin O'Neil or Martin Jol over Rafa all day long. Both quality managers who players respect. I mean who'd fight Jol eh?

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    • i reckon give martin o neil a chance rafa has run out of ideas

    • Then you are an idiot.

    • MON will not leave Villa, where he has it very good and has a good core of young english players (and a couple of older english players). Also various spats between us and Villa will not help us trying to pry him away.

      Jol: Not bothered. PandS was universally panned for cozing up to him. He had a chance at raiding the top four spot and then what happened? He collapsed under the pressure and was replaced in record time.

      Of course you could just support your current manager....radical idea, i know.

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      • O'Neill, Jol, Hiddink.

        Those names command TOTAL respect from the players. They are most likely to get the best of of a bad bunch. And believe me, we have a BAD bunch. After 6 years we have the most weakened team in years. The reason why they are weak is they have no strength behind them ie Rafa. We'd be doing a lot better with one of those 3 in charge

      • Martin O'Neil seems a great manager but is unproven at our level. Its one thing over acheiving with a strong budget or winning the scottish league but a whole different story to not be allowed to lose a match ever! The moment Russia got knocked out of the play off, this post had become inevitable but surely we would rather be linked with a manager that had actually managed to beat the rather pathetic Slovenia. Rafa is the man for this job and unless there is talk of a 'proven' world class manager then I would never want him it to change.

    • Martin O'neil would be a candidate should Rafa ever go, he hasnt won anything with Villa yet or come even close, in fact last season he threw away the uefa cup then threw away 4th spot, not that it was his in the first place but that doesnt make him the man for the job. Johnson over arbeloa all day but they are a different kind of player.

    • daniel b...Clearly the Spanish selectors have every confidence in Arbeloa as their starting fullback..a player Benitez gave away for 3 and a half million but yes with u on the fact u would have rather had both players on the books. Ah well soon Benitez will be gone via which ever conspiracy feat REAL MADRID or whoever else might be in the frame the WOODEN PLANKS the Arabs whoever who cares just get the clown down the road and ....APOINT KING KENNY...NOW !!!

    • johnson can play both left back and right back...he played left back in pre season and dont a decent jobn. I dont think he would have a hope in hell at centre back though.

      I think arebloa would have been a very good asset for us to keep and i'm starting to think that it would have better to take he hit financially and let him go for free, at least we would have had some decent back up in defence, and then we would have had to waste what little money we had on kyriagos.(sp?)

    • To be fair, Rafa wanted to keep Arbeloa but he new he would play second fiddle but also was homesick, he was a good servant and we made a little profit so happy days i guess.

    • It would have been worth the £1.5m defecit for the one year i think also Dan, especially with the youngsters coming through.

    • definetly would have been worth it as the greek dude looks absoulute crap!

    • I do remember him lining up on the left that one time, but not sure I'd call him cover, unless maybe it’s a choice between him and Dossena.

      As for not allowing Arbeloa to go, and taking the risk he'd run his contract down and we'd lose him on a free, I think in hindsight your right. However, as they say hindsight is always 20/20.

      Amazing really, since Skrtel came to the club we've had 3 really good CB's. Maybe not world class, but damn good quality. But over that time we've just not had consistent pairing due to injury. I doubt anyone could have anticipated all 3 going down as they did for a time this season, and I'm not sure but think we only went for the Greek after we'd lost Carra and Skrtel in the collision of heads, and while Agger was still not 100% fit. So it was a last minute thing rather than a planed replacement move.

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