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    I think this would be a great bit of business and wouldn't it be worth it just to see he look on fergies face lol

    Seriously though i think he would be a good addition to the squad and as the article says he can play on his own up front so suits our style of play.

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    • I think this would be another seriously poor piece of business if it were to go ahead, just like "so many of the other signings" that people are currently slagging Rafa for making.
      RVN has an amazing goals per game ratio.
      On his day he was one of the best finishers in recent footballing history.
      His day has passed.
      He has just "recovered" from a second bad knee injury - remember his transfer to Utd was delayed and was surrounded by much speculation over a knee injury he picked up.
      Since his recovery he was given very little playing time but still managed to pick up a thigh injury.
      This trend will most likely continue as his body tries to compensate for those two crippling knee injuries he has suffered.
      If he were to join us he would be the oldest player in the squad, by two years over Carra.
      Many posters on here are already calling for Carra's retirement and "we" want to sign a player two years older and now injury prone?
      SAF would laugh his head off. "Aiming for another of our rejects" comes to mind as a mild form of what he might think.
      Still, they did pick up one of our old boys, didn't they?
      And isn't he just setting the EPL on fire?
      Such a huge pity Rafa didn't have the sense to re-sign him.
      And on a freebie, too!
      What a fantastic deal we mised out on there.
      No wonder so many people want Rafa out.
      The man just has absolutely no idea when it comes to the transfer market.
      I wish he would pay some serious attention to all the brilliant suggestions on here for who we should be buying.
      We would have such an amazing f__ing team!

    • Fatboy would play him at left back

    • We know Ngog and Nemeth are going to be good and Dalla Valle looks good too, I think an older striker in his 'twilight' is the only solution if as it appears we dont have the money to buy the Villa's and Pato's of the world.

    • We also could strike lucky and sign someone young and they prove to be a gem at LFC..

    • your right we shouldnt be signing players in their twilight especially not to become one of our main strtikers BUT he has to better than voronin and i am sure ngog could learn a thing or two from him as well.

      I am not hoping RVN plays week in week out, i am hoping he plays the odd game here and there to give torres a rest...as i said, he has to better than voronin!

    • i'm 23 and in work right now so how about get your facts right and JOG ON yourself little man

    • Firstly.....fair comment.

      i wouldnt b happy about it but i wouldnt say it would sicken me though!! We got rid of RVN when we wanted to!! He was quality whilst he was with us but 8 times out of 10 Fergie releases a player at the right time and never usually (with exception of Ronaldo and Staam) lets any one go who he wants to keep.

      U also have to remember that we signed Owen for FREE!! AND.......the fact that he is our third choice striker behind Rooney and Berba!! Do u really think Fergie would have gone for Owen as a main striker to hopefully play week in week out?

      If u buy RVN then he will clearly b ur second best striker and considering Torres' injury problems do u really need anutha crocked striker who is comin close to the end of his career?!?!?

    • i mite have called u a lil fag but i didnt have the need to swear in evry sentence i wrote!! lol
      The attraction of goin on other teams boards is to have a lil fun and banter with rival teams football fans. When u turn 18 and are able to leave ur bedroom for the pub u MIGHT......just MIGHT understand that....but untill then.................JOG ON!!!!!

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