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  • ajay ajay Nov 29, 2009 11:36 Flag

    Van Nistelrooy...

    I think this would be another seriously poor piece of business if it were to go ahead, just like "so many of the other signings" that people are currently slagging Rafa for making.
    RVN has an amazing goals per game ratio.
    On his day he was one of the best finishers in recent footballing history.
    His day has passed.
    He has just "recovered" from a second bad knee injury - remember his transfer to Utd was delayed and was surrounded by much speculation over a knee injury he picked up.
    Since his recovery he was given very little playing time but still managed to pick up a thigh injury.
    This trend will most likely continue as his body tries to compensate for those two crippling knee injuries he has suffered.
    If he were to join us he would be the oldest player in the squad, by two years over Carra.
    Many posters on here are already calling for Carra's retirement and "we" want to sign a player two years older and now injury prone?
    SAF would laugh his head off. "Aiming for another of our rejects" comes to mind as a mild form of what he might think.
    Still, they did pick up one of our old boys, didn't they?
    And isn't he just setting the EPL on fire?
    Such a huge pity Rafa didn't have the sense to re-sign him.
    And on a freebie, too!
    What a fantastic deal we mised out on there.
    No wonder so many people want Rafa out.
    The man just has absolutely no idea when it comes to the transfer market.
    I wish he would pay some serious attention to all the brilliant suggestions on here for who we should be buying.
    We would have such an amazing f__ing team!