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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2009 18:49 Flag

    Looks like we arent the only ones not getting a new stadium...

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    • Well, I think if you were to go in for selling the naming rights, then a figure could be negotiated with the sponsor whereby the total figure is shared by each club on the basis of TV coverage of that team's matches. An initial 50/50 split plus extras. That would obviously mean that whichever team was performing better - ie. in a European competition or competing for cups and titles - would get more TV coverage and thus earn more from sponsorship. It would not be much different to how it is now - Liverpool would (currently at least) earn considerably more than Everton - but it would also add an incentive for both teams.

      As for the advertising hoardings, in a new stadium, they'd be electronic and both sides could program them to display whatever they want. As far as I am aware, there is no advertising at Anfield other than those on the pitch side. At Goodison there are some local businesses advertised further up in the main stand. I don't think they'd be missed greatly.

    • That was the original idea i think, to build it on the docks. If modelled on the allianz arena then it would look amazing, we could even have the white glow like they go for the national team (if they ever decided to venture north again that is).

      I question i raised in another thread tim is what about the commercial revenue. Surely liverpool must generate more commercia revenue or at least would if we were to sell the naming rights (to seperate stadiums) or just in general the advertising hoardings round the pitch etc... so how do you split that fairly?

    • Surely a ground-share is the best for all parties, isn't it? You could both have a great new ground inside the city limits and save a bundle in the process. Everton and Liverpool fans used to get on quite well (the old "friendly derby" etc), so it'd work out quite well, I think.

      Anyone on here for or against?