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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2009 19:49 Flag

    Looks like we arent the only ones not getting a new stadium...

    boom boom boom.............anutha 1 bites the dust!!!

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    • i agree with hobitez there. It could work and probably is the most financially sensible option but i would much rather have our own ground rather than sharing with everton.

      The allianz arena is amazing though and I think if a ground share were to happen i think that's what we should model the ground on, especially the glow for whoever is playing.

      But as i said i would much rather keep things seperate.

      I mean you wouldn't want to share with city now would you tim? (and dont go on about how neither of you need a stadium, i am talking hypothetically)

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      • If both clubs were in the same situation as Everton and Liverpool - with aging stadia and revenue being lost through insufficient capacity for the demand and without the funds for a stadium to meet modern demands, then yes, I would be in favour.

        There's history between United and City, by the way - they shared Maine Road in the 1940s after Old Trafford was bombed (funnily enough, United attracted about 10,000 extra fans than City did at the time - so much for the "Manchester is blue" myth!). Obviously, Everton won their first league title at Anfield, before Liverpool were formed, so there's a precedent of sorts there too.

        The relationship between United and City is far more strained than that between Everton and Liverpool - you both have the rivalry, but there's (at least historically, and recently there has been good relations with the Reece Jones appeal etc) not as much animosity between the two clubs. It's only pride that's stopping you.

        Both clubs could have a stand that is considered their own - a "Kop" at one end and a "Gwladys St" at the other, where opposition fans would sit when the other side was playing. If it resembled the Munich stadium, it would be amazing and would easily rival any other in England. Build it in Stanley park or on the docks, it'd be a plan that could solve both club's problems.