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    Is being out of the CL that bad?

    Now we're out of the CL.. we can now focus on the league and get as much as we can from it.. go for league title 19..

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    • Not really - as long as Rafa considers that winning a trophy is worthy - why not ?

      I'd rather win the EUFA/Europa Cup and have a 'good day out' than be a semi-finalist or runner up in the CL.

      To be honest, I wish all managers would take the likes of the League Cup and the FA Cup a bit moe seriously - all this 'prioritising' of competitions has me amazed.

      It just seems to make it pointless entering into the competion in the 1st place - the reserves should play in the likes of the Blue Square if the Central League isn't competitive enough

    • Huh? Aren't you in the Europa League so that's going to involve just as much, if not more, travel.

    • again i get what your saying bevra but we are not in a financial crisis as long as we make through our first 2-legged tie in the europa league.

      Also the sponsorship deal i mentioned means as long as we do fairly well in the europa league and finish in the top 4 (thats another debate altogether so lets not start with that on this thread) then we are most likely better off financially than we were in the summer just been.

      Not to mention th various deals we have made this year with a bookies (cant remember which one) and BMW (they are now the official car of LFC) adds to our comercial revenue. Add that to the above paragraph and again, we will be better off than last year.

    • I cite this article as my thoughts behind my Message title..


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      • Fair enuff i see ur point....but i dont think ur getting the fact that just to make the top FOUR (CL place for next season) u are goin to have to put everything u got into doing so any way!!!!!! With or without the CL as a distraction. I dont think any Liverpool fan can honestly say they have a realistic chance of WINNING title number 19 THIS season any more. So unless wot ur sayin is that you should aim to finish 5th this season so u can 4get bout CL NEXT YEAR and concentrate on Prem (Which would b absolutely ludacris) then i disagree.

    • I'm sorry but this is a very silly question!!!

      Firstly:- You do realise that when G&H took control of the club they borrowed money from banks etc. to do so. Their main source of income/revenue, as with all top clubs, will come from CL. They will have earmarked the CL revenue as a major source of money to use as repayment. Now they are not in the CL, their budget is going to be horribley below predicted and are going to have to find other means to pay the money back. Thus meaning EVEN less money to spend in transfer market and the possibility of having to sell one of the few players u have that ARE worth keep.
      It is known as the snow ball effect.

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      • Bevra i get what your saying but i disagree that it will lead to us having less money to spend next year.

        Christian Purslow (managing director) said after the game on tuesday that club had budgeted for reaching the knockout phase and if we get through a few rounds (so obviously we are relying on this) of the europe league then we will have met our financial budgeting expectations. Therefore allowing the yanks to pay off their interest and hopefully invest in the team. Also dont forget that we have signed a sponsorship deal equal to yours (20mil a season) that is considerably more than any we have had before which will obviously be invested into the club somehow, either be it to pay off debt or spent on new players (most likely the former)

      • Yes well if H&G had allowed Rafa funds to buy the top players he wanted we'd have qualified comfortably..

        As it is they didn't so now we're at least £10m down due to that..

        We'd have had Silva et al here instead we've a team largely made up of 2nd rate players.. So ty H&G for that..

        Rafa needed in excess of £100m this season to bring in the quality we need and H&G wouldn't give him it.. so little wonder we're out of the CL..

      • I forgot to mention that ALL top world class players want to play in the Champs League!! It is a major factor when they are deciding which club to move to. You might find this out sooner than u think when RVN decides his future!!!

    • Yes, yes it is that bad ! But at the end of the day, thats how it is so forget it and move on. The league has to be our priority now which should be interesting seeing how that has never happened under Rafas rule.

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      • It is a terrible state of affairs. it wouldn't be so bad at all if we even had a shot in the league, but our form and the losses already have ruled this out. The danger is that the Europa league becomes the expectation, as the spending power dictates largely who acheieves what, and we are firmly behind Chelsea, City, and United, and arguably at the moment behind Tottenham, and maybe Arsenal as their stadium debt decreases.

        It is firmly doom and gloom at the moment, and anyone who believes thta a couple of decent performances in the league now,. or a derby day win might allay concerns better think again. We need NOW concrete plans for a concrete future. We need stability of ownership, not to be touted round like a cheap whore. We need investment into stadia and the playing squad. We absolutely need to share a stadium with Everton.....to take our stadium site, and redraw to accomodate 85000 fans for both Merseyside clubs in a shared venture that is affordable and provides world class facilities.

        It sounds like heresy, but it is the only answer to investing in the stadium whilst maximising future revenue streams AND being abl;e to invest in players, so we aren't a championship club, or struggling for Europa qualification at the same time. This petty, will it be red or blue, how can it be done, everton will have the same match day revenue and resources as us.....Balls to it....Think big! AC Milan share a stadium, and are constanly challenging in Europe and in Serie A, as do Inter to a lesser extent.

        being out of the cL hurts....I want back in next season!!

      • Which is my point we're now out of the CL so now we have to focus on the EPL.. theirs no more distractions...

      • To even ask or make the statement "Is being out of the CL that bad?" proves how much standards have slipped, by not just your club but the fans also.

    • "go for league title 19"

      You do realise that, points-wise,you are closer to the relegation zone than the top?


    • Sofa. I am gutted. The aim should be to to do/be the best you can be at whatever you do, and we haven't done that this year from pre season to date.