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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 26, 2009 22:03 Flag

    Is being out of the CL that bad?

    I'm sorry but this is a very silly question!!!

    Firstly:- You do realise that when G&H took control of the club they borrowed money from banks etc. to do so. Their main source of income/revenue, as with all top clubs, will come from CL. They will have earmarked the CL revenue as a major source of money to use as repayment. Now they are not in the CL, their budget is going to be horribley below predicted and are going to have to find other means to pay the money back. Thus meaning EVEN less money to spend in transfer market and the possibility of having to sell one of the few players u have that ARE worth keep.
    It is known as the snow ball effect.

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    • Yes well if H&G had allowed Rafa funds to buy the top players he wanted we'd have qualified comfortably..

      As it is they didn't so now we're at least £10m down due to that..

      We'd have had Silva et al here instead we've a team largely made up of 2nd rate players.. So ty H&G for that..

      Rafa needed in excess of £100m this season to bring in the quality we need and H&G wouldn't give him it.. so little wonder we're out of the CL..

    • Bevra i get what your saying but i disagree that it will lead to us having less money to spend next year.

      Christian Purslow (managing director) said after the game on tuesday that club had budgeted for reaching the knockout phase and if we get through a few rounds (so obviously we are relying on this) of the europe league then we will have met our financial budgeting expectations. Therefore allowing the yanks to pay off their interest and hopefully invest in the team. Also dont forget that we have signed a sponsorship deal equal to yours (20mil a season) that is considerably more than any we have had before which will obviously be invested into the club somehow, either be it to pay off debt or spent on new players (most likely the former)

    • I forgot to mention that ALL top world class players want to play in the Champs League!! It is a major factor when they are deciding which club to move to. You might find this out sooner than u think when RVN decides his future!!!