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  • simpdogg simpdogg Nov 27, 2009 22:15 Flag

    Rafa prefers heskey!

    Yea ur right there and I hope for the clubs sake that it is just 'paper speculation' but I hope the RVN link has some truth in it.

    We have enough duds in our squad without bringing heskey back, it would be a ridiculous signing but unfortunately for us we have a manager who regularly makes ridiculous decisions so it would not suprise me if it actually happens!

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    • I wouldn't be suprised if Rafa gets some money to play with in January, and as opposed I am to the Heskey link, I also think RVN may be past it. Though if we get him for free (or close to) and his wage demands are light then he'd be worth it for backup.

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      • ruud is finished as a top player and is not good enough even for our lightweight squad and before anyone starts quoting goalscoring records at me have a real think about his past 2 yrs and not his 5 yrs at utd,he is a washed up has been and not worthy of a shirt at liverpool especially as he was a utd player
        heskey is not the answer but he has definitely got more to offer us than r v n and given the choice i would go for heskey