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    Steven Gerrard: Should go abroad!

    and I don't mean on holiday.

    Put quite simply I was distraught two years running when twice he was on the brink of leaving. Worse still, he was on the brink of joining Chelsea. I firmly believed he could be respected as one of the world's best players, and I felt he could achieve this under Rafa at Liverpool. I also felt his prime was approaching and he alone might be able to take us to major hons including the premiership, with a sound and stable club behind him.

    I truly believe he has done his bit now. He is missing and has a great desire to win a league championship. The real benchmark for quality and consistency across a season. We are as far from achieving that goal as ever, and he is 30 soon. The chance was last season. It has been and gone as shown by our performances this season, and a major lack of investment by the US owners has been the root cause, as well as the instability they have brought.

    I wouldn't blame him one bit now if he moved on, and I firmly believe he should do so to foreign climes. I would love to tune in on a Sunday night and watch himin a Barca shirt, or to visit the Bernabeu to see him in action (gerrard and Kaka in the same side....my word).....

    No man is bigger than the club I love, and we are better of with Stevie than without, but sometimes it has to be recognised someone has given their all, and he has done so over a period when he anticipated major success. He is in a side, when in terms of ability, only Torres and Mascherano have any claim to be of a similar stature. You can see this in his demeanor. As captain, he is so frustrated. when do you see him clap a Lucas contibution, or encourage Aurelio? HE briefly clapped Agger for a foraging run forward on Tuesday and it struck me, that he I noticed because it was such a rare gesture.

    It must say it all for him that the game on Sunday despite it being our neighbours is a 'b' list fixture this season. The 'a' game is at 4 'o' clock. It isn't good enough, and if he was to leave, he'd go THIS time he should do so with the blessings of the kop ringing in his ears!

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