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    in principle a very good idea everton have plans drawn up they also have funding for a 50,000 seater stadium so how about this we take those plans add to the funding and turn it into an 80,000 seater stadium to rival old trafford and the nou camp i see it as the way forward and a good all round idea what is your thoughts

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    • F*ck that! Why should we help them out, and also what are we gonna have - purple seats?

      Seriously though, have you seen the San Siro pitch by this time of year? Virtually unplayable. Also we don't want to embarrass our poor relation neighbours, half the stadium would be empty when they play wouldn't it?

    • i think it is a very good idea in theory...and seems like the most economical way of obtaining a world class stadium.......HOWEVER as a United fan i could think of nothing worse than sharing a stadium with City!! a stadium is part of a football club's identity and something to be proud of.
      NOT something to share with one of your BIGGEST rivals!!
      To be fair it is quite a hard choice:
      a mediocre stadium with a lot of history, pride and identity,
      OR, an excellent stadium which is as much the home of your biggest rivals as it is yours

    • I understand the arguments for getting this off the ground may make sense financially, but not sure it’s such a good idea long term.

      First off, while I think we'd fill the stadium most of the time, would Everton? I'm not trying to be funny here, but are there really 80,000 plus people who want to see Everton play even bottom table teams and pay premium ticket prices?

      Second who's going to own the stadium? If we owned it and Everton paid us rent I might think it’s not a bad idea, but I'm sure Everton would not agree. The point of building a new stadium is that it allows a club to have a stable long term income stream. If we share, at best we have half a stable long term income.

      This is not just about colours on the seats, but who has the right to name the stadium, plaster advertising hoardings on the inside and outside of the stadium, and the big earner, who has the right to sell leases on luxury boxes, and manage conference and other hospitality facilities within the stadium.

      So without touching the emotional arguments, which are compelling unto themselves, while sharing might get a stadium build faster, it will deliver to neither club the real benefits of long term financial stability and independence, if we go in together, and since that is the real point of building new, why bother unless we can get what we need.

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      • it doesn,t work that way dee every game is rated for price for example derby games and teams in the top 5 are usually category A games then yo have cat B games say 6 th in the league to 13th in league then cat C which is the rest of the league 14th to 20th and cat A are premium prices cat B are slightly cheaper and cat C the cheapest

        YNWA 96

      • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Nov 28, 2009 22:09 Flag

        ...hahahhah fantasy land again chromehead...........

        your lot couldnt own a packet of crisps, YOUR SKINT, we´re not

        spin whatever you want the fact is you all bought ino the knights riding into town with a half cocked plan of a newstadium...........a few grand soent on some grand kop end design had you all pulling at each others peckers.................how fwcking embarressed do you feel now.................hahahahaahah

        ....soon you wont even be able to afford the electric bill...............hahahahaah

        YOU chromeface wouldnt even know what it was like to sit in a kop or Gladwys end and cheer your team so YOU have no opinion on a ground share..........only TRUE fans AND SCOUSERS have earned the right on that subject.....

        ...you WANNABE´s just make the rest of us chuckle..........how does it really feel to be so far down the pecking order??

    • Whatever the aversions to going into partnership - the overiding issue is if 'we' don't do something soon the revenue that MU and Arsenal are generating - per game - is about a MILLION quid every single home game - that in it self would pay for a large proportion of the players wage bill (weekly - I wish :-)

      Work it out - even at £35 quid a ticket - the fact that MU get 30,000 PER GAME more than we get - thats £35 X 30,000 = £1,050,000

      The 'big-wigs' at LFC and EFC should get their arses into gear.

      The commercial opportunities reach further than footy - concerts etc....

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      • Sharing stadium with Everton? No bloody way! The only reason why AC and Inter are sharing stadium is because there is absolutely no space in Milan! They cannot pull down any buildings in town as everything is under state protection.

        The problem we have is not space, it is cash, but that will sort itself out soon I hope (though what's happening to Dubai is worrying). Don't rush into anything that we will regret.

    • to be fair, I deffo dont want it.

      however, I think it sounds more and more like it.

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      • you see duncan a lot of people are looking at it as a groundshare and are not looking at the wider picture for example rock concerts,athletics,rugby and various other events which both clubs would take revenue from imagine the artists who would be falling over themselves to perform in liverpool in a massive venue that rivals wembley

        i think stick the stadium in stanley park sell the naming rights to the ground and get the damn thing built ASAP

        YNWA 96

    • Much as I have hated the idea of sharing with 'them' :-) - I think the time is right to do something like this. Finances will dictate, not traditions.


    • nice try, but why would we steal it ? we've got nowhere to dig. . . .

      Call the Yanks bluff see just how serious they are about bringing success back to the club.

    • No we don't have adidas on them - they're plain red plastic seats with the seat number stencilled underneath.

    • bill, at anfield we have adidas on the seats dont we, if we had a shared stadium we wouldn't be able to as both teams have different kit providers.

      I am not saying for that reason we shouldn't do it, i am just querying as to what people think would happen. So far bill i am glad to say that you have answered everything i have asked with very satisfactory answers and hopefully that will continue if i have anymore.

      As i have said, if it is to happen then the Allianz arena is definetly something we should be looking to take inspiration from.

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