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    in principle a very good idea everton have plans drawn up they also have funding for a 50,000 seater stadium so how about this we take those plans add to the funding and turn it into an 80,000 seater stadium to rival old trafford and the nou camp i see it as the way forward and a good all round idea what is your thoughts

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    • Why not make it a 90,000 all - seater? If we had a 75-80,000 all seater planned and Everton has a 50,000 all-seater planned then why not use a blend of the 2? Milan has been doing it for decades..

    • i think it is a very good idea in theory...and seems like the most economical way of obtaining a world class stadium.......HOWEVER as a United fan i could think of nothing worse than sharing a stadium with City!! a stadium is part of a football club's identity and something to be proud of.
      NOT something to share with one of your BIGGEST rivals!!
      To be fair it is quite a hard choice:
      a mediocre stadium with a lot of history, pride and identity,
      OR, an excellent stadium which is as much the home of your biggest rivals as it is yours

    • If last season is living in the past then we will scrap that. Yes we are behind you at the moment and yes we are out of the CL. Your side is not good enough to win either but you will drag it out a bit longer then we did.

    • that is UR opinion.....but we still have 5 or 6 players who were in the team of the season for the last 2 or 3 seasons!!! Not to mention the prem player of the year.
      This is when Utd switch on!!!
      Liverpool start strongly while utd seem to start on standby mode.
      We find ourselves quite far above you after the start though!!!
      so who knows wot the gap will be by the end now that Liverpool seem to have gone into standby mode and Utd are just about to switch on.

    • Thats what we did last year, but we were the strongest team over the last part of the season and with the CL over surely we will start to make headway in the prem, we wont win it but I cant see the points per match average staying the same.

    • would there be two seperate trophy rooms and museums etc..? ours be soo much bigger lol

      what about the changing rooms? the away changing room doesnt have sound proofing (so the away team can hear the roar of the crowd) and no air con and other little perks. It's a psychological thing. So would this continue? The reason this popped into my mind is that when we play everton and they are at home, we would be in the away dressing room missing the perks.

      Also, what about the KOP? The plan was to build a HUGE single tier KOP but would everton still approve of that as it is a liverpool idea not an everton idea?

      If this were to go ahead i can see plenty of potential niggly bits that would slow it down as one team wouldn't want to give into the other?

      Would it be equal funding? I sure as hell hope it would be.

      If we are going to share, stuff your 80,000 seaters, we should go for 100,000 at least and have the greatest club stadium in the world! well behind the maracana that is.

    • F*ck that! Why should we help them out, and also what are we gonna have - purple seats?

      Seriously though, have you seen the San Siro pitch by this time of year? Virtually unplayable. Also we don't want to embarrass our poor relation neighbours, half the stadium would be empty when they play wouldn't it?

    • Much as I have hated the idea of sharing with 'them' :-) - I think the time is right to do something like this. Finances will dictate, not traditions.


    • Whatever the aversions to going into partnership - the overiding issue is if 'we' don't do something soon the revenue that MU and Arsenal are generating - per game - is about a MILLION quid every single home game - that in it self would pay for a large proportion of the players wage bill (weekly - I wish :-)

      Work it out - even at £35 quid a ticket - the fact that MU get 30,000 PER GAME more than we get - thats £35 X 30,000 = £1,050,000

      The 'big-wigs' at LFC and EFC should get their arses into gear.

      The commercial opportunities reach further than footy - concerts etc....

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      • Sharing stadium with Everton? No bloody way! The only reason why AC and Inter are sharing stadium is because there is absolutely no space in Milan! They cannot pull down any buildings in town as everything is under state protection.

        The problem we have is not space, it is cash, but that will sort itself out soon I hope (though what's happening to Dubai is worrying). Don't rush into anything that we will regret.

    • I think the LFC stadium was meant to be 60k with the potential to increase to 80k. I did prefer those original plans with the 100k though!

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