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  • Typically 65 points is enough to finish in 4th place we have lost 5 games played 13 and accrued 20 points. That leaves 25 matches and we need lets say 45 more points. 15 wins and 10 more defeats!! I would think out of our last 25 we could afford to lose 5 more, win 12 and draw 8 and still qualify but hopefully we will do better then that.

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    • i don't know whether that is true for this season though.....im guessing that you have worked that out judging from previous seasons.....however i feel this yr will b different...... i am also slightly amazed at how well Tottenham are doing this year and they could b a tough hurdle to jump over in order to reach 4th spot..... and as much as Torres and co hav been missing....you have to remember Modric is yet to come bak for Tottenham.