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  • colin colin Nov 29, 2009 22:57 Flag


    sehlc...Im interested in his opinion and think it makes a lot more sense than your blind loyalty. As for Pugwash being one of the top five managers in world football...yeah sure he is in your dreams maybe. AT THE MOMENT HED STRUGGLE TO BE ONE OF THE TOP FIVE MANAGERS IN THE EPL ! Indeed he has at least seven currently better than him and probably quite a few more if we really look into the matter. Get real this club wont improve till he is down the road and half his crap squad with him. If the owners wont stump up the cash for King Kenny when he is inevitably appointed to replace Pugwash then they too should get out of our club.

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    • i can see why you would be interseted in his opinion as you 2 have very similiar negative outlooks and seem to have an overiding urge to return to the 70s and 80s but you cant so please go on reminiscing about the dalglish days and the players of yesteryear but dont use them as some magic recipe to fix every wrong