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  • kopalot79 kopalot79 Dec 1, 2009 03:23 Flag


    "First does anyone know how much LFC has to pay out when we play at home? Just turning the lights on for a start, but also paying everyone who has to work inside or outside the ground?

    Second, does anyone know what kind of money in gate receipts we'd normally take in from a European night?"

    Youre just such an "accountant " Steer. Jeeeez .

    Anyway, whatever the figures are matey, we've lost out and will continue losing out big time.

    Have you ever heard of the phrase "money for old rope" "Good money after bad"

    yep, if we keep Rafa, then all phrases such as the above apply. We need to cut our losses 'n fast

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    • missed this one from you, but its one of your typical retorts. Actually I'm not an accountant, but I do think people should be aware of the consequences of their actions.

      If anyone wants to boycott, that is fine. If they want to march, wave banners, or whatever that is their buisness. I'd just hope they understand, and are comfortable with what they are doing. And, calling for a mass boycott of a game is going to hit the bottom line of the club.