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  • According to various reports we have lost revenue to the best part of £30,000,000 by going out at this stage. That could of paid for rafas departure. Oh Bollox

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    • Kopalot, I’m curious where you sourced your reports from. The club is officially saying the impact is neutral as they never budgeted for any money coming from the knockout stage as how much you get is so unpredictable depending on how far you go, and also how the TV share divides up which is also dependent on how many other clubs from your home association are involved late in the competition. Therefore as I understand it, the club doesn’t put it into the figures until they know actually how much they are going to get.

      Also, even if you’re looking at the potential lost revenue its really hard to know how much we'll miss out on as we don't know how far we would have gone in the knockout phase of CL, and we don't know how far we'll go in the Europa league. On the one hand as the knockout stage in Europa starts with 32 teams we get an extra round, or 2 additional fixtures. But on the other the TV money is obviously less, and depending who we are drawn against no way of knowing if we can charge the same ticket prices for Europa fixtures versus CL fixtures.

      So while 30M maybe one estimate, I'd like to know where it comes from, and based on what assumptions. I mean is this a worse case scenario number, a best case scenario number or a guess, which to be honest with all the variables I can only assume it is.

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      • Maybe you dont get radio stations where you are but on a lot of newscasts there were various experts saying the true cost iis about £30,000,000.

        If you look at the impact it will have on attracting players to the club, is just one example of the true cost. The moral is particularly low, we playing badly, we could ultimately lose our 4th spot we have our eyes on.

        In january we wont be such a sought after team to play for. And to top it Citeh will buy every f**ker there is