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    We always support the club, no matter what. However, given the distain on here, for the current situation regarding the team, the manager and the owners. The match with Fiorentina offers the perfect opportunity to show our unhappiness. This is now a nothing match, stay at home and watch it on tv and save our hard earned money for more important games.

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    • I am not surprised by the replies on here, they are what I was expecting. However, times change, and just because you brought the same car or clothing or whatever, doesn't mean that when you recieve poor treatment/service, you blindly keep following like sheep.

    • Fair enough, think we've all heard things on the radio while in the car, so it’s hard to nail down specifics. Bit hard to take notes and drive at the same time. But if you catch anything actually published please post a link, or point me to a newspaper or other journal.

      I'm not doubting what you heard, but for me it’s a bit hard to swallow at face value, that these so called experts think we'll lose more money this year by dropping out of the competition essentially halfway through (and head into an alternate competition) than we made during the whole competition last season.

      But I do agree with you on stats found on line that is why I'd like some harder numbers, and really base my skepticism on statements coming from the club rather than those paid to talk.

    • i wouldnt say these guys were "pulling numbers out the air" as it is their field of expertise so i would expect more and indeed they aired their respected thoughts on it. I drive quite a bit during the day and listen to reports. Im not going to remember all facts but £30,000,000 sounded very realistic and i agree with it. Unfortunately as youre not in England you cant listen to it. A lot of net based stats are bollox steer, you shouldnt rely on it

    • Really I was looking to find the actual source. Any names or anything published.

      To be honest it seems a little high to me, an even if these are so called experts, it would seem they are pulling numbers out of the air. If the club itself does not budget these numbers as they are so unpredictable, its a bit hard to understand how so called experts outside the club can be so certain about how much money we've given up.

      I mean put it this way. End of the day we potentially could play actually more European games because of this, and considering I don't think we even made 30M during all of last years competition when we made it to the quarter finals, I'm not sure if your experts sums add up. But let’s take a look at them so we can see.

    • the difference in a run to the quarter finals of the champions league and a run to the final of the europa league is negligible and you also have to factor in the fact we dont have to share the tv revenue with as many clubs so the share is bigger and if liverpool are in the competition the tv rights are worth more so at worst there may be a 2-3 million pound difference which in football terms is peanuts
      and whilst on the subject there are no published figures of 30 million being lost from going out at the group stages as the winners only get 25-30 million for winning it

    • According to various reports we have lost revenue to the best part of £30,000,000 by going out at this stage. That could of paid for rafas departure. Oh Bollox

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      • Kopalot, I’m curious where you sourced your reports from. The club is officially saying the impact is neutral as they never budgeted for any money coming from the knockout stage as how much you get is so unpredictable depending on how far you go, and also how the TV share divides up which is also dependent on how many other clubs from your home association are involved late in the competition. Therefore as I understand it, the club doesn’t put it into the figures until they know actually how much they are going to get.

        Also, even if you’re looking at the potential lost revenue its really hard to know how much we'll miss out on as we don't know how far we would have gone in the knockout phase of CL, and we don't know how far we'll go in the Europa league. On the one hand as the knockout stage in Europa starts with 32 teams we get an extra round, or 2 additional fixtures. But on the other the TV money is obviously less, and depending who we are drawn against no way of knowing if we can charge the same ticket prices for Europa fixtures versus CL fixtures.

        So while 30M maybe one estimate, I'd like to know where it comes from, and based on what assumptions. I mean is this a worse case scenario number, a best case scenario number or a guess, which to be honest with all the variables I can only assume it is.

    • Couple questions before people rush to think this might be a good idea.

      First does anyone know how much LFC has to pay out when we play at home? Just turning the lights on for a start, but also paying everyone who has to work inside or outside the ground?

      Second, does anyone know what kind of money in gate receipts we'd normally take in from a European night?

      And if you know both of these maybe you can tell us how much money we stand to lose if a boycott was held, and how much we'd make if there is no boycott. Just remember that goes to the bottom line of the club.

      While some think getting rid of Rafa is a good idea, I would hope all agree that without money our club, with or without Rafa is not going anywhere. And if you think the Yanks or even Dubai who has its thoughts elsewhere, are going to stick there hands in their wallets and make up the share lost on a Wednesday night, you need to wake up.

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      • "First does anyone know how much LFC has to pay out when we play at home? Just turning the lights on for a start, but also paying everyone who has to work inside or outside the ground?

        Second, does anyone know what kind of money in gate receipts we'd normally take in from a European night?"

        Youre just such an "accountant " Steer. Jeeeez .

        Anyway, whatever the figures are matey, we've lost out and will continue losing out big time.

        Have you ever heard of the phrase "money for old rope" "Good money after bad"

        yep, if we keep Rafa, then all phrases such as the above apply. We need to cut our losses 'n fast

    • i never said you did i posted that to your mate colin so relax and go and watch football on the telly,oh sorry your boycotting the games arent you

    • Sehlfc. Actually I don't think King Kenny is the answer and have never urged that concept. You seem to add 1 and 1 and get 4 every time. Please engage brain cell eh.
      In fact in another thread I said that I still believe that Rafa is the answer, but questioned has he learnt from his mistakes.

    • mysteron...YES good idea offers the chance of a boycott this game...against the owners and the manager...get em all down the road now.

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