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  • cyprusall cyprusall Nov 30, 2009 17:58 Flag

    A very poor win

    I saw that game on sunday and was very disapointed with the team.
    They dont look like they want to win ,why Rafa plays Lucas with feed back he gets about how poor we all think he is ,is beyond me but Lucas aside nobody played well ,Johnson looks like a waste of money ,the number of times the blues got behind him (and he didnt see them )was very poor for a supposed fullback .
    Bringing on Benny with only 15 mins left to play was stupid and then a further sub at 9 mins is a waste of time( although they did make a difference )we started to play with 10 mins to go .
    Ihave never been a manager basher like some on here but i must agree with them ,its time we had a change who we should get is difficult to name as there isnt many about who would fill the job .
    In my opinion we need someone who loves Liverpool like we do not how much money they can make out of the club like theyanks do ,we want a manager who looks to the club as a football club not a money making machine .
    We also need to get rid of the poor players Rafa as bought ,Lucas ,Babel, Voronin,ect, and let the players go who dont want to stop at Liverpool ,Macherano ,for one (never rated him anyway )let them go what we get for them should be enought to buy somebetter players .
    Discus only LFC fans need to reply no Scum or Chelski rubbish please we dont need you on this board

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    • cyprus all...good post mate...its time to get Benitez down the road asap. Agitate on this board for this. Benny merits to start how come a talent such as his should be left on the bench so long ? wITH U 100% get the dross Benitez has bought down the road in Jan transfer window and get Benitez down the road with them ! Appoint King Kenny now and lets get back to the kind of stylish football we were once reknowned and feared for worldwide. This dross Benitez has us playing is NOT good enough !

    • I'm really not sure where to begin with this one. In fact part of me is telling me don't even bother. If your first thoughts of a Monday are to complain even after a win over Everton, no matter how we performed, then doubt anything I can say to you is going to make a difference. But I do hope at some point you take a step back to try to get a little perspective.

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      • dsteer...think those glasses u wear in the caricature on u posts are defo rose-tinted...youve been far too long among the Yanks and their happy clappy optimistic type culture. The ONLY positive thing to be said about our display at Goodison was that it garnered three points ...AT LAST ! No style whatsoever very few chances even half chances created Benny brought on way too late and where was ACQUILANI ? Perhaps that last question should be directed at THE MASTER TACTICIAN your hero Pugwash.

    • Do any fans complain as much about winning ugly......?

      Will Lucas get any recognition of the amount of progress he's made this year despite still being 22 (ish)....?

      Did Masch look like he was unhappy at Liverpool.....?

      Just be happy we beat Everton, are still in touching distance of a CL place and we seem to be getting out of the injury crisis that plagued us at the beginning of the season. Winning pretty can wait, we need to concentrate on getting those 3 points in the bag week in week out. Any mank fan would tell you the same, after all, thats how they got the EPL last season.

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      • Yea Man Utd won the EPL last season and successive seasons cos they scraped wins..

        It aint pretty but it gets the job done..

        Sure I'd love us to bang in 3 or more goals in every game.. and keep a clean sheet in every game..

        As I said b4 winning games even when you've played poorly is something we've not been able to do of late.. so yea I'll take the win ..

        Now we need to see our strongest side playing as often as possible..

        That means seeing Aquilani in the squad if thats at the expense of Lucas so be it.. I don't see the point in playing 2 defensive midfielders at once.. ie Mascherano & Lucas..

        It should be one or the other..

      • Also despite how pants we've been this season so far we are in fifth place and still only single figures behind the manks.

        Lets be thankful for that since its just been thanks giving in the USA.

    • Babel, Lucas, Voronin.. yep need to go.. we also need to see Aquilani play week and week out..

      Too many average players here at LFC..

      Still if we can win when playing poorly thats gr8 cos until recent times we've been unable to do that..

    • As disappointed as we are at the moment, hopefully this is a starting point on the road to recovery.
      You talk about Johnson, I feel sorry for Reina with the defensive mistakes the players in front of him, are making at the moment and that includes zonal marking.
      As for the not wanting to win, not sure its that, but something has happened, because of the performances and the Babel and Aquillani issues.
      Other things we need to sort are,
      1) Anfield, too small and old for a club of our stature.
      2) The Youth policy, No stars in last ten years, in comparison Barcelona at the weekend, had 7 that had come through the ranks.
      3) Transfers. Since the start of the 04 season, we have spent £248m, looking at our current squad and position a lot of that has been wasted.

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      • Although it isnt coming as soon as we would like at least a new stadium is in minor stages of progress, I am guessing rejecting Evertons ground share is a good sign. for the first time in years I am actually happy with our youth set up and really believe that Pacheco, Ngog, Insua,Kelly, Nemeth and Ayala are capable of that step up. You havent taken into account the amount recouped on sales which leaves the defecit at around £80m plus the fact most of our squad at the time were coming to the end of their careers e.g. Hyppia, Henchoz, finnan, Dudek, Hamaan, Smicer, Kewell to name but a few.