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  • Mysteron Mysteron Nov 30, 2009 18:31 Flag

    A very poor win

    As disappointed as we are at the moment, hopefully this is a starting point on the road to recovery.
    You talk about Johnson, I feel sorry for Reina with the defensive mistakes the players in front of him, are making at the moment and that includes zonal marking.
    As for the not wanting to win, not sure its that, but something has happened, because of the performances and the Babel and Aquillani issues.
    Other things we need to sort are,
    1) Anfield, too small and old for a club of our stature.
    2) The Youth policy, No stars in last ten years, in comparison Barcelona at the weekend, had 7 that had come through the ranks.
    3) Transfers. Since the start of the 04 season, we have spent £248m, looking at our current squad and position a lot of that has been wasted.

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    • Although it isnt coming as soon as we would like at least a new stadium is in minor stages of progress, I am guessing rejecting Evertons ground share is a good sign. for the first time in years I am actually happy with our youth set up and really believe that Pacheco, Ngog, Insua,Kelly, Nemeth and Ayala are capable of that step up. You havent taken into account the amount recouped on sales which leaves the defecit at around £80m plus the fact most of our squad at the time were coming to the end of their careers e.g. Hyppia, Henchoz, finnan, Dudek, Hamaan, Smicer, Kewell to name but a few.

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      • Hobitez. None of the youths you mention are in the Carra, Stevie G mould, local and class. We've had to go and buy them.

        The players you mention, may of been coming to the end of their careers, and thats my issue of the £248m of transfers. The replacements weren't ready and the money spent on the current squad shows a lack of value for monet.

        I don't subscribe to the net/recouping sales threads that have been on here, Hobitez. We brought Xabi for £10m and sold him for £35m, great business. However, my question is why. If the aim if is and should be, we are top dogs. Then recouping shows poor ambition.

      • Once the new stadium is on track and they sell the Anfield naming rights.. that'll bring in some revenue..

        I agree Anfield has been good to LFC but it's too old, to fit the requirements of a 21st century football club. We want to aim high and achieve many things.. a new stadium will bring in more money and better players..