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    Gerrard has to leave-Stan Collymore

    Here's a piece written by Stan Collymore I thought you might like to read.

    It's time for Steven Gerrard to put his loyalty to Liverpool to one side and go in search of the one honour that has eluded him - the Premier League.

    He's not going to see that day while he's wearing a red shirt and as sad as it is for me to say this as a former Liverpool player, I think it is time for him to leave Anfield.

    Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan and Inter Milan could all offer him a much better chance of winning a domestic title.

    I was at Blackburn on Saturday and players like Lucas, Rieira and Kuyt don't deserve to play with him to be honest.

    Liverpool were average against Blackburn and although it wasn't vintage Steven Gerrard, he was still at the heart of anything they did well.

    I fear one of the Premier League's most influential players of the last decade is going to finish his career without winning a league title.

    I've seen him lift the European Cup and I'd love to see him lift the Premier League trophy, but it won't be as a Rafa Benitez player and I'm not sure it will ever happen for him as a Liverpool player.

    He has to ask himself if he wants to continue having to rescue Liverpool like he did in Istanbul, like he did in the FA Cup Final at Cardiff.

    He has to ask himself if he is happy playing out the rest of his career at Liverpool, knowing that he'll probably never win the league with them.

    And I'm not saying this to try and wind up Liverpool fans. I just think it would be a tragedy if after seeing inferior players to him like Darren Fletcher and Michael Carrick win the title, he didn't.

    He's 30 at the end of this season and time is fast running out for him to do what he should have done three or four years ago and that is to leave Liverpool.

    He needs to go to a side which is capable of giving him that platform to lift the Premier League trophy.

    He doesn't have to stay in the Premier League and he could even go to a top European side who could give him that league winner's medal.

    I know he says he wants to stay at Liverpool, but the only thing that is keeping him there is the fact that he's a Scouser and that he has the club in his blood.

    Ultimately, he owes Liverpool bugger all. He's done more than any other player over the last decade to bring success to Liverpool.

    It's time for someone else, like Alberto Aquilani, to take on that pressure and free him to go.

    He shouldn't feel that he has to stay to pacify the fans and they should let him go and win the title he deserves before it's too late.

    You know what...he's right.

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    • My point exactly.....Like u said 22 days away......but when it gets to that time Rafa will say next year again..... And then the following year he will say next year.... You will never get to the year that Rafa is talking about because it will always b next year. even if u wait till next year he will still be telling u lot next year. The question is, how much patience have u got?
      He is doing my head in already and i should be glad that Rafa is failing.....But for some reason i'm just getting annoyed at his constant breaking of promises and excuses. NO OTHER manager come out with as much rubbish as he does and its really starting to grind my gears.
      He makes decisions not based on common sense, but tries to make an unorthodox decision so evry1 will say how clever he is if it works... Unfortunately for him...more than half the time it doesnt....
      Like i said....i dont know y it winds me up so much cos i should want him to fail anyway.... but i guess the best way to describe it is like u lot are the lawyer and ur protecting a serial killer (Rafa) and helping him to be made innocent in court for a crime he HAS comitted..... if that makes sense?

    • oh and next always comes...its 22 days away!

    • yes i can honestly say with my hand on my heart that i think gerrard will win the the premier league with liverpool...whether it will happen or not i dont know, if i did i would be rich man but that is what i genuinely believe.

    • All i can say is that i feel sorry for u lot..... Rafa TRICKS u EVERY year into believing that "NEXT year is ur year?!?!?!?" NEXT YEAR NEVER COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It happens time and time again and he has essentially brainwashed u lot into thinking he is the man to do it......when quite clearly he will not!
      U can hope and dream that Gerrard will win Prem with Liverpool.....but can u honestly hand on heart say u think it WILL happen?!?!?!

    • No, thats not what I meant, but to Gerrard, it is clear to see he only wants to win the title at Liverpool, it just wouldnt be the same doing it for another club.

    • So by the same logic are you saying that what a player wins in his career means nothing unless it is from his hometown.
      Does Sami Hypia's european medal then mean nothing?

      Or is has to be the club the player followed as a child, then does Carragher's European medal mean nothing?

    • They were never meant to be bragging rights of any sort only that Gerrard only wants to win the premier league with Liverpool, it would be pointless without. Would moving to Chelsea and collecting a league winners medal mean that he is remembered as a better player then if he stayed at Liverpool in the event that they never again win it? No, it wont make any difference whatsoever, do you think that a premiership winners medal signifies Pascal Cygan or Djemba Djemba as greats of the game? Its a load of nonsense, it would just be the cherry on top of the icing on the cake, thats all.....Doesnt mean that we or he want it any less though!

    • cheers mate...we can be sometimes lol

    • Daniel fair play, that was honest.

    • "I do think the main problem is and I am looking for honesty here is most Liverpool fans would fear for their club if you took out the one man in it who really gives his all, if Liverpool were without Gerrard they would definately be a lighter weight prospect."

      Yes mate your right.

      But as was said in the previous thread (the one you mentioned in one of your earlier replies to this thread). I care about Liverpool FC more than I do Steven Gerrard so as far as I am concerned it is better for LFC to have Gerrard than not so I dont want him to go anywhere, regardless of what he wins or doesnt win. Obviously I want every trophy going, but that is more likely to happen with Stevie than without so I repeat myself, I only care about what is best for the club, not the player.

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