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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 9, 2009 22:06 Flag

    Gerrard has to leave-Stan Collymore

    My point exactly.....Like u said 22 days away......but when it gets to that time Rafa will say next year again..... And then the following year he will say next year.... You will never get to the year that Rafa is talking about because it will always b next year. even if u wait till next year he will still be telling u lot next year. The question is, how much patience have u got?
    He is doing my head in already and i should be glad that Rafa is failing.....But for some reason i'm just getting annoyed at his constant breaking of promises and excuses. NO OTHER manager come out with as much rubbish as he does and its really starting to grind my gears.
    He makes decisions not based on common sense, but tries to make an unorthodox decision so evry1 will say how clever he is if it works... Unfortunately for him...more than half the time it doesnt....
    Like i said....i dont know y it winds me up so much cos i should want him to fail anyway.... but i guess the best way to describe it is like u lot are the lawyer and ur protecting a serial killer (Rafa) and helping him to be made innocent in court for a crime he HAS comitted..... if that makes sense?