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  • But we didnt lose? And it was a fairly important match as we now get to play second leg at home? And was the goal against Man City an unimportant match? Cmon......as a "football" fan......NOT a liverpool fan u have to admit that he was prob the best signing of the summer when u take into account value etc. U MUST also have a slight feeling of jealousy......seeing ur one time hero doing well for UTD when u lot are seriously struggling for goals?? And did u lot call him injury prone? Well if he's injury prone then what the HELL is Torres?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Anyone who still chooses to slate the player who was a legend for u lot and WANTED to return to LIVERPOOL but ur brainwashing manager CHOSE not to sign him, even for FREE!!! Then they are very bitter and what i call plastic Liverpool fans but not "Football fans"!