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  • Zambezi Zambezi Dec 10, 2009 20:50 Flag


    Lads forgive my intrusion as a non scouser,i am intrigued to know what difference you think Dalgleish would make replacing Benitez,how long has he been out of the game? ,ok on the sidelines but not the daily grind in management.Should you not be thinking more of an up and coming coach ,or indeed someone in the game from Europe,Liverpoo,l is still a plum job.

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    • People keep asking why a few of us are defending Rafa all the time, well its quite simple, you look after your own. He might not be the first choice of all of us neither may many of the players be but they are our players and he is our manager so we support them. We are having a poor season and the players, the manager, the coaching staff and the board as well as the media have all played their part so media aside it is the jobs of all of them to put it right. As we all know, top 4 is the minimum requirement for this club and if we dont acheive it then perhaps his position should be reviewed then.