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  • Yup......next manager should be Steven Gerrard, with someone like Kenny Dalgleish alongside to give advice and field some of the pressure. Player Managers have achieved some success before now dontyerknow? Midfielders also tend to make very astute and far-seeing Managers when they come through.....Bill Shankley, Bobby Paisley, Martin O'Neil, Sir Matt Busby etc etc. (Alan Hansen could have been but he didnt have the balls for it). I also think that given the present situation (mid-season, out of Champions League, little chance of Trophy's this year, very big problems to finish 4th in the EPL and quailify for next year in Europe, dis-spirited playing staff lacking in confidence playing for a guy who has no inspirational man management skills, dead handed Yanks at the tiller with no cash but determined to screw every penny from their "investment" and certainly no money to put in in the forseeable future..........for any top Manager, Liverpool FC is quite a poisened Chalice right now. We are in need of an inspirational leader, a knight in shining white armour, a patriot with passion to fire us back into self belief and winning ways, and the balls to take on the challenge come hell or high water. Steven Gerrard could have gone anywhere and won Trophys by the dozen with Joe Mourinho or with SAF, Real Madrid etc but he didnt 'cos he's a Liverpool Lad and wants to do it all with his Home Team Club, its a Tribal thing.. something that the likes of TraitorRooney wouldnt understand in a month of Sundays (Michael Owen dont qualify 'cos he's not from Liverpool, he's just a Cheshire Nob). SG has inspired the Reds many times in the past as a player and I firmly believe he would do it again as a Player/Manager. Stuff yer Klinsmanns, Martin Jols, MON, Avram Grants, Frank Rikjards.....just bring on Steven and lets get up and at'em!