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    If ...

    A lot of people here are calling for Rafa's head and probably rightly so, but if Rafa was to go who would you realisticly want to replace and you must be realistic in your targets as some may not see Liverpool as an attractive proposition at the moment.

    I hear talk of Kenny Dalglish but is that not just sentimentality, football has moved on since his last spell at Anfield.

    I hear Hidink, bbut would he take it, I hear about Martin O'iel but he seems to have a better chairman than what he would find in Liverpool.

    I am not trying to be DSter heree as I do think your manager needs showing the door, let's have a bit of footy chat.

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    • hmm i think the standout candidate that most fans would want if rafa were to go would be jose mourinho...but then would he want to come to us, and if he did I doubt he would want to do so until the end of the season. So that poses the question do we persevere with rafa until the summer and start afresh then or do we sack him now and let some like king kenny or sammy lee or even john mcmahon (reserve coach) be caretaker manager until we can get some else in?

      My preference would be to stick with rafa until the summer as i think it would cause more unrest in the squad if we were to get rid of him now and could have a negative effect rather than a positive one.

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      • A lot of emotions are flying around at the moment. I can hardly blame those who are thinking passionately rather than logically.

        But being logical it would be very stupid of us to sack Rafa atm.

        Sure it hurts that we're doing poorly I feel the best thing is to hang on until summer.

        If we can get Jose Mouriniho he won't wanna come until summer anyway. So lets look foward until then.

        Lets just hope upon hope that Rafa is able to secure that top 4 place.

        If he can't then we'd struggle to secure the services of Mouriniho.

        I truly feel theirs great things to come from LFC.. Then again I've got to think that way as I'm a LFC fan.

        The likes of P&S just like to wind up the LFC faithful. Until theirs a change of manager then it makes sense to get behind whoever is charge as it'll affect the confidence of the team..

        No doubt the players are frustrated at not playing as well as they know they can.

        Aquilani although seeming tired needs further matches and training to get his stamina levels up to cope with the EPL. I'm sure he will. If he can play 60mins in the next few upcoming games he'll improve..

        Lets not forget this guy has had a long term injury it takes time to get back to match fitness.

      • Good post Daniel even though the original poster is on a wind-up mission as usual. Rafa has to go, he's incapable of delivering the much-sought after domestic league title to long-suffering scousers. Get rid in the summer.

        Keyword = 'persevere'

    • While I still think Rafa deserves to the end of the season, I think you actually raise a valid point for those who think things are so bad that Rafa needs to leave yesterday.

      Fact is there are very few managers available. Hiddink is in my mind the only one of the caliber we should be considering, and in all honesty I just don't think he's the answer. Fine as a caretaker of a very large quality squad at Chelsea and success at the International level, but it’s been a long time since he's proven he can build a squad to challenge on a budget, and never in the prem.

      So anyone you bring in is more than likely a caretaker. Now maybe the caretaker proves himself worthy of the full time job, so maybe you take a punt on Sammy taking on the big chair, seeing if Dalglish can turn back the clock, or how about trying to get Stevie Nicol back from the Colonies. But, when the competition for 4th is so strong, and finishing at least 4th is critical to the financial future of the club, not sure I'd take a risk with someone who might be good enough.

      Since at best we'll get a caretaker until the field of top managers makes itself available after the World Cup, why not stick with who we've got. Call it a caretaker role during which he has to re-prove himself if you wish. But at least let him have a go at proving himself.

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      • Hiddink did a good job at Chelsea and got them organised but Scolari was brought in to play attractive football and he did for a while but because they didnt win every week they ditched him, Hiddink just made them solid again and they didnt play attractive football so I think longterm he may have had the crowd go against him. He was perfect for tidying up a mess but I have to agree I dont think he would be the man. I dont think Mourhino would be the man to build a legacy but if we were to have a chance of winning the league with Stevie still out of a zimmerframe then hes the man.

    • I would like to see an experienced english manager in charge this time

    • cantona-i ment get off lightly.

    • We need a manager who...

      -Has charisma, who the players warm to.
      -Who can get the best out of players.
      -Who can stabilise things - not start a revolution (we have a good team, they are just not performing).
      -Someone who has connections in the game.
      -Someone who gets us back to doing the basic things well.
      -With a capacity to change games and go for the win.
      -Someone who understands not losing is not as important as winning.
      -Someone who stands up and is counted when they get it wrong.

      I have never loved Harry Redknapp's personality, but he fullfills some of those criteria. I don't think Hiddink comes across as the warmest man, but he fills others. If I could have anyone in the world right now I would have the England man - Cappello. Players respect him, they work for him, they like him, they fear him. He could click his fingers and we could be have quality older players to cover every position. He knows the European market, and is no slouch tactically. Also, he is bloody cool...

    • I would like to see an experienced english manager in charge this time

    • Ronald, i dont think the time is right for stevie to take on the managers job at liverpool, he will want to concentrate on his playing career for the next few years and i also think he should earn his stripes with a lower level club. Also, i think carra will make a better manager than gerrard, but I would love to see them as a managment partnership, not a joint managers but one as manager and one as the others assistant.

    • Daniel I won't ever forget the corrupt judicial system of Liverpool, if he was tried in any neutral venue me, you and that pope would have had a different post right about now.

    • You're absolutely right on all those. But to me, the one let off the easiest besides Gerrard was Ferdinand. To think this guy was even being touted as the English captain. I would've lost ALL respect for the English if that was ever allowed. This guy is supposed to be a professional and a role model.

      By the way, going by your pic, you're good looking and apparently online on a football forum on a Friday night. You are either my dream woman or some nasty old man.

    • He is a diving, cheating, thug who should be in nick. Plus there is the small matter of UEFA Badges.

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