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    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009

    Who has your vote and why?

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    • congratulations to giggs for all the wonderful things everyone else here has already said about him...... and he certainly deserves some special recognition (like a lifetime achievement or something) for all his efforts, but sorry, he did NOT deserve sports personality of the year 2009..... that should've gone to either button, ennis, or someone like that who actually DID perform well in 2009.... obrigado!!

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      • I appreciate your honesty and i feel that a lot of other rival fans also would have wanted Giggsy to play for their team but a lot are too proud to admit this whilst he is still playing. So i applaud you on that... And i also have to agree with what your post says... Maybe he did not deserve player of the year last season or even BBC S.P.O.T.Y. this year......HOWEVER.... as you also said, "It would have been CRIMINAL for him to have never won either of them during his astonishing career!!!!
        You have to ask yourself, what is more criminal? The fact that Giggsy has won these awards in a year that was not his best in terms of appearances etc. but at the same time a year when almost all records have been broken by him....... OR for Ryan Giggs (the premierships greatest ever servant and one of it's greatest ever players if not THE greatest) was to finish his career and not pick up either of these awards?
        It is for this reason alone that i thank God he won both and for this reason alone that i feel the decision for him to win both is justified.....

    • Andrew Strauss for sending the Aussies back with their tail between their legs. Damn thieves!

    • As a United fan,of course Giggs,but nice to hear he got vote's on a L,pool forum,that's true football supporter's...nice one.

    • You had to lower the tone and get a dig in!!! ;oD

    • Cavendish for me. To hang on in there and cycle 150+ miles, then have to win a sprint at the end, and to do so over 3 weeks of racing up mountains most people wouldn't contemplate walking up once, let alone riding a bike up them, he has to be serious about his sport, and seriously train. Plus he has an attitude, he's arrogant, takes no prisoners, and I like that. 6 stages in the TDF is magnificent.

      Button tried as hard as he could to lose the world championship, but failed because everyone else was shite too or had poor equipment. He had the best car by a mile at the beginning, so maybe Ross Brawn should win the award?? Even this season Lewis showed he was the better driver even in a worse car.

      Haye must be the first BRitish Heavyweight champion of the world to win the belt whislt running away. The fight where he won the belt, whilst I agree it was a freakshow, was a farce. He didn't even win the fight on my scorecard or that of Jim Watts summarising for sky. I DO think he can be some fighter, and show how good he is from now, but he can't win this award for that one fight.

      Giggs: You are having a laugh. Him winning footballer of the year last year for 17 appearances and getting the sentimental vote made me want to cry. Gerrard deserved it, and came second...what a joke. At least he got the football writers award, voters not swayed by mindless sentiment. Lifetime achievement perhaps in a few years.

      Daly can't win it, surely. Smug litle fucker. Perhaps Jessica Ennis at least she is HOT! Smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      No defo Cavendish for me, but Button will win it because of the story the media have created, almost without a drive, and ends up in the best car. Surely that is a lottery win, undeserving of an award. He's cashed in to, by driving for highest bidder in the following season. No loyalty, why shouldthat be rewarded?

    • I agree with what you are saying about Hamilton being more deserving in 08 then Button in 09 but I think the level of competition last year was higher. There isnt much you can take away from Giggs but as Eloader said, a lifetime acheivement award couldnt be more deserving or even a Premierships greatest servant although me and Bevra have discussed before that Alan Shearer was my choice for the best player the prem has seen. That is another subject altogether though and it is much easier to have a fair perspective once a player has retired hence noone ever remembering Zidane watching games pass him by or Thuram getting skinned by novices. I dont think there is any major outstanding performers so I would be lost between Rory Mcilroy, Button, Amir Khan, Andy Murray and just for reliving Rocky 4, the irritating Haye maker!

    • Button won more individual races then his closest rival Seb Vettel. Vettels problem was when he didn't win he wasn't picking up points here and there and was frequently out of races due to blowing his engine up. ;oD

      Just so everyone can see who is actually nominated: -


      They all have strong cases for winning when you play the devils advocate.

    • My vote is for Giggs and i swear that that is not as a UTD fan but as a football fan....