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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 14, 2009 19:55 Flag

    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2009

    I appreciate your honesty and i feel that a lot of other rival fans also would have wanted Giggsy to play for their team but a lot are too proud to admit this whilst he is still playing. So i applaud you on that... And i also have to agree with what your post says... Maybe he did not deserve player of the year last season or even BBC S.P.O.T.Y. this year......HOWEVER.... as you also said, "It would have been CRIMINAL for him to have never won either of them during his astonishing career!!!!
    You have to ask yourself, what is more criminal? The fact that Giggsy has won these awards in a year that was not his best in terms of appearances etc. but at the same time a year when almost all records have been broken by him....... OR for Ryan Giggs (the premierships greatest ever servant and one of it's greatest ever players if not THE greatest) was to finish his career and not pick up either of these awards?
    It is for this reason alone that i thank God he won both and for this reason alone that i feel the decision for him to win both is justified.....