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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Dec 15, 2009 02:22 Flag

    Paisley Shanks the Legend....

    Is Dopey Chris aka self proclaimed "Legend" formerly (and Unforgettably) "Viva ROME-ALDO" off the MANKIE board Scousers!

    He is hiding for a bit due to his teams POOR weekend................AGAIN!

    F A B.

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    • Rafalution, you went from praising Rafa's every move to despising the man, from hating P&S to agree with everything he says. You choose to ignore H&G's responsibilities, Parry's, improper funding, etc. a little unfair, don't you think? Take off the blinders and be a little more analytical.

    • Colin, you are such a retard. It's quite obvious that you lack a discerning mind.

      Do you really believe that P&S gets infuriated by LFC's results? Or... more likely, is P&S here to infuriate Liverpool supporters?

    • Aaaaahhhh......haven't been on here for weeks and still my name gets mentioned repeatedly, becoming the hot topic of the month and getting no less than SIXTY replies before I even appear, in a thread from some insignificant Gooner PLASTIC I have spanked more times United have won trophies.

      More indisputable PROOF that I am the most REVERED poster on the boards, you SHEEP hang on my every word and sit up at night thinking about my next post (cough...DSTEER).

      The Legend....constantly on your tiny minds.

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      • Well well - Look at all the fuss here! First topic to reach 60 posts in a while without one reply from ME until now... everyone falling over themselves to DISCUSS thier esteemed leader and unrivalled TOP POSTER of all time... as this thread undisputedly PROVES.

        Most touching... and even my weaklng little PARROT and longstanding copycat Cheltenham Chris the plastic manc loser has dropped by to pay homage...

        Walk on and keep dancing to MY TUNE MUPPETS.............. : D

      • So is that you admtting that "The Legend" the man united fan p&s the supposed liverpool fan are the same person?

        The reason I am asking is that you say this is a thread about you...but you are The Legend, this thread is about p&s.

        I welcome your repsonse...most likely abusive.

    • Yes I would say so Daniel, but maybe it's because he has harped on about this a long time and in the past was slated for it (By everyone,myself included) Just to be eventually proven right. Maybe it just frustration that he saw something that many of us didn't and instead of being listend to was lambasted instead.

      I'm not defending his actions but just trying to throw an idea out their to way he has turned this way in attitude.

    • well lets just leave it there then mate because i've gave my views and reasons why i still think rafa should stay, dont really fancy repeating myself today, done it too much on this board.

      "IF u wish to be taken seriously by such as P+S myself and plenty of others on this board"

      I dont really give a sh1t if you lot take me seriously or not, i just dont like being abused by some jumped up little twerp on a message board. I dont take people doing it to my face so i'm certainly not taking it on here.

      Anyway i've had a epiphnay today and i'm over it, so i wont bother you about this idiot again.


    • Colin, the other day I did go back and check you’re posting record. I'm curious to what it was that put you over the edge when it comes to Rafa. Your right you have been consistent. So credit to you for saying what you mean and sticking with it. Does not mean I agree, but you obviously have convictions (as do I)

      But what confuses me is that if you have been on here as long as your post history suggests, you'd know a little bit more about P&S and his postings over the years. You'd know he's never shown any support toward the club. I'm not talking about Rafa, I'm talking about the whole club. Players, staff, everyone. I'm surprised he's not posted a thread telling us how useless the Anfield tea lady is and how its time to get someone in who understands the right way to pour.

      My point is, that its one thing to agree with the views of someone like P&S, but another to go along with everything he says and the style in which he says it. It seems blindly obviously to all that he does not have that house in Geneva, or the contacts at Melwood, or in fact is a Red at all. That does not mean you should or should not agree with him, that's down to you. But linking yourself in solidarity is something else.

    • DANIEL B...look mate the very thing that infuriates P+S is the self same thing that has the same effect on me. People like u self u say.... :If we dont qualify out of the Group stage then Benitez should go.:.... Thats a pretty straightforward statement clear to all. So...we perform abysmally throughout the whole of the Group stage, humiliating in fact, so...what do u then say ? NOT ..Benitez MUST GO ! as most would expect u to but rather useek yet more excuses for Pugwash to be enabled to stay on ?
      IF u wish to be taken seriously by such as P+S myself and plenty of others on this board then I think it comes down to :saying what u mean AND meaning what u say: NOT forever seeking to justify reasons for Pugwash to stay on no matter the effect on u credibility.
      King Kenny is waiting in the wings employed at start of season to be responsible for the Academy and youth sides he can walk right into the job, hes done it before and dont tell me he cant do the job we damned well KNOW he can and he can do it damn well...check my posting record ,I say what I mean and I stick by what I say I never flip flop because I MEAN what I say.
      As for P+S calling others PLASTICS I think u know my viewpoint Im sure its because all the flip flopping on the Pugwash issue infuriates him, most all of those he disagrees with are IN RAFA WE TRUST BRIGADE types and as Ive said previously its tantamount to a civil war where our support is concerned and Pugwash is the reason for that and for that reason alone he should be sent down the road and King Kenny appointed ...NOW !!!

    • that should be though on the last line not thought.

    • well you need to be a bit clearer then mate.

      Thats just makes whoever it is an even bigger saddo than I already thought!

      He still does my f*cking nut in thought!

    • "well slayer is made up character as well mate so your contradicting yourself a little there."

      Not at all, slayer is what he calls himself, he isn't someone pretending to be someone else, and the posts he makes reflect his views.

      P&S is the alter-ego of another poster, he posts as P&S for a specific purpose.

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