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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 17, 2009 20:49 Flag

    How's everyone's trousers??

    Mysteron!! U really are amateur arent u?!?! U think that cos he is lookin at other teams results he is not a true fan?!! That is one of the dumbest things i have EVER heard!!! Dont know how much u know about football but let me tell u!!! other results affect YOUR team!! Also, have u ever thought that abu may be a football fan as well as a liverpool fan? like myself.....i support a team but dont ONLY watch that team.....when match of the day comes on i watch it all cos i enjoy watching football!!!! It makes us football fans as well as Liverpool/United or whoever u support. You on the other hand sound like merely a Torres fan! u dont wanna watch or know unless Torres is playin!!!! Commonly known as plastic fan...... ur a disgrace to the sport....

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