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  • B4ts B4ts Dec 19, 2009 23:03 Flag

    BENITEZ...How much longer has he got ?

    How much longer indeed ? I think a parting of the ways has to be . Liverpool should be one of the top clubs in the world of soccer, this season is proving to be a disaster.AND I am not a Liverpool supporter but respect what Liverpool FC stands for within the game.

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    • so our season finally started wednesday night against Wigan and ended the following saturday against bottom club Portsmouth.......seriously though our Club CANNOT afford financially NOT TO QUALIFY for Europe next year. People at the top had better start getting their thinking heads on quick.

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      • i have been one of the most hardent fans of rafa and have defende him on numerous occasions but no more, i have fell out with people on this board over what i considered stupid calls for a top managers head but i was wrong and i apologise to all those people i offended or upset because the players and team are no longer playing for him and i along with what must by now be the majority of fans are no longer supporting him,
        it is time for a change and i say that with a huge slice of humble pie

        the team performance was shit and the whole set up of the team does not work yet he does nothing to change it and for me the worst decision was to put on spearing for the last few minutes,i dont have a problem with spearing but i did not see the point of the substitution when we were already beaten why put on a defensive midfielder,what were we defending ffs

        i hope he walks and at least gives the club a chance to spend what little money we have on players