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    An open letter to the 'FANS'

    Dear Muppets

    LOOK at you pathetic fcuking TURNCOATS and ARMCHAIR WARRIORS turning on Liverpool FC all of a sudden when MOST of you were putting RAFA alongside BOB and BILL after the two fluke trophy wins on PENALTIES so many seasons ago now..

    LOOK at you ridiculously FICKLE FOOLS claiming the manager be sacked just MONTHS after you were over the moon that fatlad had signed a FIVE YEAR extension... even crowing after another trophyless season and BLOWING the EPL to the Mancs.

    Just LOOK at you mindless morons blaming money, the owners, Parry, Moores, Refs, injuries etc for the simple FAILINGS of a CR@P manager and cr@p players on the pitch.

    Fans? Supporters? Don't make me fcuking laugh you're a bunch of insignificant plastic posers who are powerless and CLUELESS about this football club and have been since Hillsborough ripped this club apart and changed it forever... and the truth is LFC will NEVER again recover from that terrible period of time and the way the game has changed over the subsequent years. YOU are an insult to King Kenny and the 96.

    Liverpool Football Club are finished in the big time just as i TOLD you they were FOUR fcuking years ago, which makes me the ultimate supporter and visionary of the club Shankly built... Like the great man I have stayed TRUE to my beilefs and been proven RIGHT.... thank God Shanks isn't around to see how the club and the IDIOT fans like YOU have destroyed LFC and its rich legacy - FOREVER.

    In the words of rival fans "WHO ARE YA WHO ARE YA!"


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    • Thing is colin because i have proven myself many times over to be on a higher intellectual plain (visionary, leader, sage and superior footballing mind being just some of the accolades i have received here), these no-marks are AFRAID to engage with their MASTER on a football level so instead queue up like pensioners at a meals on wheels convention to receive ABUSE from their hero.

      Some even set up brand new ID's in a desperate bid to garner attention from me whilst others even have me on ignore yet STILL manage to reply and set up threads about me. Hahahaha.

      That's why i am known as the Pharaoh mate... I lead my minions with an iron FIST and when the Red Sea parts it is I who brings it CRASHING BACK DOWN on them and they fcuking well LOVE IT.

    • RAFALUTION...AGREE WITH U THERE perhaps if they show a little respect towards P+S and as he requests DISCUSS the excellent points he brings to the board then perhaps we could all start to unite behind the principle of getting rid of Pugwash FOR THE GOOD OF OUR CLUB appointing someone competent to replace him. We could then start to get rid of so much of the deadwood he has lumbered...scuse the pun...us with out there on the pitch of course where that last is concerned being careful not to sling out the baby with the bathwater. I mention this last as I do believe, perhaps unlike P+S that many of the players Pugwash has brought in have real talent that we just havent as yet been able to tap as a result of them being played out of position and Pugwash tactics, rotation, idiotic substitution decisions and general lack of man management capacity.

    • Why should he show respect for a good few years now paisley has come on and said this and that and got abused for it. i should know a few years back i was the head of the abusers. In fact you could say me and loki where is two major nemisis on here.

      But what the point, he was right with his predictions no matter how you look at it, strip away the abuse and the facts are there plan to see and he has been right. but he has been lambasted not because of the abuse but because of his predictions time and time again.

      So why should he show any respect when he has never had it in return.

      Just an observation.

    • Well Rafulation...

      P&S claims to be respected on here.. Well how can he claim that? When all he/she does is bark insults at every1 from the outset..

      Not the type of things to say is it if you're wanting respect?

    • You klnow what makes me laugh is how everyone bites so much when paisley barks.

      Look at the end of each thread he says "Discuss" but instead of doing what he is asking you all spend your time throwing insults.

      Ever thought if you gavce a constructive comment or arguement you might get a decent response back?

      But no you people never do, that's why he barks the way he does because you are not listening or refusing to hear what he has to say.

      Just try it for once you might be pleasently surprised.

    • Only a gutless Fuck like you would turn yuh back on the Might Reds. Shanks wouldnt appreciate yuh remarks. Why dont you come to Anfield and shout yuh mouth around. Your not a football fan, but a mere septic prick and thug that lives in the past and will probably carry a great big fuck off chip on his shoulder for EVER.
      Take a trip to the Bog and take yuh fucking worthless face for a shit !

    • Ok then P&S you want a reasonable reply then quit the "PLASTICs, ARMCHAIR, TURNCOATS" comments.

      Now with that been said..

      All fans want success for LFC right?

      So assuming thats the case then yes things have gone awry somewhat a position thats very uncomfortable to be in.

      However things can be turned around the facts are this. To get rid of Rafa it'll cost around £20m thats been the rough estimate to terminate his contract.

      So then assuming H&G have the bottle to sack Rafa then we'll need a caretaker manager. People are wanting Dalglieh well he's not managed a team for over 10 yrs. So is he too rusty to even take over until summer? Or do we appoint Sammy Lee as caretaker with Kenny Dagleish as his no2 until summer then get a big name manager in the summer?

      Hicks has come out on record and said "Klinsmann will never be LFC manager" well that good news as Klinsmann hasn't the expereince.

      Mouriniho would be my choice as manager but the questions are would he come to us, would he be able to cope with the same sort of budget Rafa has had? If H&G by miracle give Jose double what Rafa has been given to spend then it'll point fingers at H&G hinting they held back giving Rafa monies..

      Of course this is mere speculation assuming Mouriniho takes over.. It's no secret LFC would be one of the clubs he'd come to..

      I guess time will tell..

    • Erm.........your Christopher you bell end and YOU are RIDICULOUS!


      As the Fulham fans sang to yout lot yesterday Christopher..



      F*ck me BELLEND you get more pathetic by the day son.

    • Got to say this is the most interesting P&S post in a while.

      So if you stick to your convictions you’re not a Plastic. I think this may be a compliment in my direction?

      But then again if you support Rafa you’re a plastic, so not a compliment to me.

      But if you did support Rafa, and now want him out, because you changed our mind, your definitely a plastic.

      So I and a small minority still posting on here are plastics because we support Rafa, despite sticking to our convictions.

      The now large majority on here wanting Rafa out are also plastics because they are fickle and changed their minds.

      And then you sir, as you've held your current view for 4 years are what?..............Hard plastic because you did change your mind, but it was a while ago?

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      • LOL Just as i planned... I again have steer running around in circles chasing his own tail! LOL

        NO mate - let me break it down so your simple mind can ABSORB the bigger picture before my astute wisdom slips out of that empty head of yours through those flapping Bristolian lug-holes.

        I am CALLING OUT all those who have backed Rafa and STILL back him as the ultimate plastics... legions of REDS are now backing me on this one. There are NO MORE excuses and no more patience for the plastic FOOLS like you who continue to back this moron and his disastrous tenure so NO, not a compliment to you steer you daft prat!

        I am also calling out all those who backed Rafa and have now changed their fickle minds WITHOUT holding their hands up in the forum as being WRONG and accepting their leaders longstanding genius as GOSPEL. Again - plastics!

        As for your last paragraph steer, wtf are u on son? LSD?? I have been postng here for FOUR years and even when he was appointed as second choice because MOURINHO went to the Chavs, i NEVER wanted Wafa - even after the CL or FA cup flukes because his style and player moves were CR@P and he only STOLE those trophies on the lottery of pens.

        I SAW THROUGH IT LAD and haven't changed my view since... making me the VISIONARY and POSTING BEHEMOUTH YOU HAVE ALL COME TO KNOW and RESPECT ME AS HERE.

        Now - RENOUNCE your fcuking stupidity and BLIND loyalty to a failed manager steer - hold your hands up and then LEAVE here never to return. You have been utterly humiliated and its time to GO.

        Just like Wafa - steer must GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Walk on lad...... ALONE!

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    • The moronic P & S strikes again. Either the armchair fans are wrong or the manager is wrong. However, one can't be fickle and the other shyt at the same time, divot.

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