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  • Ricky Y Ricky Y Dec 27, 2009 13:14 Flag

    How do you rate yesterday's game?

    Reina = 10; he kept us in the game with 2 fantastic save

    Johnson = 5; good in attack but shxt in defending, we should really play him as a RW

    Carra = 6; our most reliable defender, but that really is an insult if you compared him with the other 3

    Agger = 2; FFS, what's wrong with him, he is not the same person 2 years ago, did not cover, bad positioning, total liability

    Insua = 4; again better playing upfront that at back

    Lucas = 5; did his job

    Gerrard = 6; although he scored the opener, he was mostly useless in the 1st half

    Benayuan = 9; clever player, good runs, deserved the goal

    Aerulleo = 7, had a good game and sent in some good crosses

    Aquaman = 6, not bad for a 1st time start, can improve

    Torres = 2; did he play?

    I am happy that we got the 3 points, but I am not convinced about the performance. Our back 4 are still our major headache,!

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    • I think you are both dancing around a very important point but not sure if you see it.
      Insua can go forward with confidence because he had Aurelio there to cover his back and get in his ear about position, etc.
      On the right side Johnson had, once again, no-one to cover for him. If he races forward, as he has been doing in other matches, he continually gets sold out by
      1) Kuyt playing in front of him and giving the ball away far too easily, thus selling Johnson down the river and making him look a pratt
      2) Benny supposedly playing in front of him but too busy trying to get into the centre forward spot so again, Johnson has no-one to cover him and when it all goes pear shaped, as it inevitably does, Johnson is caught so far out of position and everyone is calling for his head because he is a c@p defender.
      The fact is, the rest of the right side of the team are leaving Johnson high and dry. I thought he was VERY tentative about going forward against Wolves because of so many shocking sell outs in recent weeks. How many times does the guy get burned before he says enough? To me, the only times he went forward against Wolves were when team mates virtually demanded it of him. He seemed almost rooted to the half way line by choice.
      The other big problem with right side, for me was the number of times our defenders and midfielders had possession, looked up and right to see acres of empty park on the right side and no red shirt to be seen. If Benny wants to play centre forward then maybe he needs to tell Stevie to play right wing in his place or else we get Torres drifting out there to fill the huge gap and then when the ball does come into the box...where the hell is Torres?
      As for someone's suggestion in this thread that Masch could play right back - you must be kidding, right?
      Did we see Masch try to fill in at right back a few weeks ago - was it the game when Degen got sent off and Masch supposedly filled in until we got a sub on to play there? He was like a fish out of water, absolutely no idea about cover or space. If you think we look suss with Johnson at right back.....
      I would rather have Degen there than Masch.

    • ricky did you even watch the game against wolves? how did you get 4 for insua? he was a diff. man that game. whenever wolves came forward he was there, whenever we were attacking he was there. and did you see what he did before he put up that cross. i think he deserves 7 or 8. Agger wasnt that bad. 4 maybe. others i agree.

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      • Hi Mighty, got smashed in LKF on 25th, but recovered in time to watch the game on Sat (well or Sun morning). A belated Merry X'ams wish to you as well.

        Leo, I am not denying Insua's contribution to the game, in fact he got the credit for the excellent pass that got our 1st goal, that's why he got 4 points on my list. But if you look at him as a defender, in that capacity, he was no more than a 2! If you look back at the replay, the 2 chances that Wolve had, look at Insua's positioning, he was no where near the striker nor offered any cover for Agger/Carra. Check the tape, around 24 minutes mark and you will see my point!

        Wolve did not offer any meaningful attacks, that's why Insua, Agger and Johnson's vulnerability were not exposed, but mark my words, they are our liability because without a solid defense, the rest of the team is forced to play deeper, thus hindering our counter-attacks!

    • One word RUBBISH

    • Lucky, lucky, lucky against 10-men Wolves.

    • The way I see it is this.

      In seasons gone by we'd have played as poorly and got our arses kicked. Yet this season we've played poorly and scraped a win. Although we had a helping hand with their player being sent off..

    • Ricky,

      How are you? Merry belated Xmas btw.

      I also think our defence is the weakest link, and I suspect it's our two wingbacks (Insua and Johnson) that are causing us the matches.

    • Not a convincing win, but a win nevertheless.
      Agree that Gerrard was ordinary in the first half until he scored the goal. Benayoun was good, he was the only one with some penetration going forward. Torres seemed out of sort again. He needs a goal to get going and he needs to stop arguing with referee.
      I think after the red card, there was a belief in the team that luck has changed for them. Before that, it seems that the team kept thinking that it was going to be another one of those days - all labour and nothing to show. The sending off lifted them.