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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 27, 2009 23:30 Flag

    How do you rate yesterday's game?

    ricky did you even watch the game against wolves? how did you get 4 for insua? he was a diff. man that game. whenever wolves came forward he was there, whenever we were attacking he was there. and did you see what he did before he put up that cross. i think he deserves 7 or 8. Agger wasnt that bad. 4 maybe. others i agree.

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    • Hi Mighty, got smashed in LKF on 25th, but recovered in time to watch the game on Sat (well or Sun morning). A belated Merry X'ams wish to you as well.

      Leo, I am not denying Insua's contribution to the game, in fact he got the credit for the excellent pass that got our 1st goal, that's why he got 4 points on my list. But if you look at him as a defender, in that capacity, he was no more than a 2! If you look back at the replay, the 2 chances that Wolve had, look at Insua's positioning, he was no where near the striker nor offered any cover for Agger/Carra. Check the tape, around 24 minutes mark and you will see my point!

      Wolve did not offer any meaningful attacks, that's why Insua, Agger and Johnson's vulnerability were not exposed, but mark my words, they are our liability because without a solid defense, the rest of the team is forced to play deeper, thus hindering our counter-attacks!

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      • You are confusing things. Being near the ball and not tracking back are two different things. The reason we looked short of cover is because of our right side. Johnson's runs forward have their uses, but when the RW can cover for him. But we had Yossi in that position, and he likes to cut inside thats why Carra and Agger were left alone to face an attack from a completely exposed right side. BUT Insua was there on the LEFT side of the pitch, which didnt make a difference since attack came from the right. Thats the mistake you made